FREE Cruises by playing myVEGAS!

So, you like playing slots? You like playing Facebook games? Or mobile games? You like getting FREE STUFF? Especially FREE CRUISES? Well, do we have just the tip for you today!

See, there’s this thing called myVEGAS, a creation of PlayStudios who had the clever idea to take their Facebook slots game and, in their words,

We have partnered with some of the biggest names in Las Vegas to bring you the most extensive collection of real world rewards ever offered in a social game. From weekends at the Bellagio to Cirque du Soleil tickets to a private table at Haze nightclub, myVEGAS has the prizes worth playing for.

Great hotels. Unforgettable shows. VIP nightclub access. All this and more can be yours for just spending time in myVEGAS. And since our games are always free to play, the Loyalty Rewards you earn are based on how long you stay. It’s that simple. Really…

Well, it’s nearly that simple. Technically they’re free to play, but you are strongly encouraged to spend money and they pull out every psychological trick in the book to get you to spend that money. However, if you can resist that temptation, you can indeed extract a good bit of value from these games with some patience.

The basic deal is you go to their Facebook page and play slots to build up this representation of the Strip,


by betting the chips they trickle out for free (or dump on you in truckloads if you buy, but that would be a poor investment decision) and hitting the odd jackpot,

myVegas WIN

… and well that’s all there is to it really. You can download games on your phone as well,

but we’d say only do that if you actually enjoy them, none of them accumulate Loyalty Points (the “real world free stuff” currency) anywhere near as fast as the Facebook game does. So y’know, if you’re at the computer anyway, let it run in a background tab, and hey, free stuff!

In particular, the reason we’re bringing this to your attention now is that we were flipping through the latest real world stuff on offer the other day, and noted these rather interesting cruises right here in our neck of the woods:

myVegas Cruise Rewards

So that’s sailings on the

that are available for FREE! The Okinawa cruises from Taiwan look particularly interesting, sign us up!

For a value of “FREE!” of “I spent a silly amount of time playing Flash games on Facebook to get this” mind you … but hey, if you’re going to relax by playing games anyway like most of do at least occassionally, why not play games that give you some real life reward, we say!

The vast majority of the rewards are in Las Vegas in particular and around the US in general, but there’s a scattering in other places around the globe from London to Macau; if this idea of getting a trickle of real life travel goodies from playing Facebook games sounds fun to you, check them out!


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