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Well, that’s our best showing yet on the #travel1k leaderboard, for the week of December 13thshooting! up from #132 all the way to 28th! Woo-hoo! Now to see if we can keep this week’s activity up there, thanks to all you Dear Replying And Retweeting Readers doing your part!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from CreativeTravelGuide (up 357 places to 318th), Travelerforlife (up 307 places to 1217th), and Nancy enSquaredAired (up 305 places to 582nd).

We also welcome one new travel blogger to the club – Sarah | Lust ‘Till Dawn (495th)

Well done to this week’s top three Matt MattHoward Blount (Backroad Planet / #TBIN), and Charles McCool.

And looks like this week’s new blog to check out is at #10 up from #15: @FairytaleTVLR‘s The Fairytale Traveler!

Hi! I’m Christa Thompson, Editor in Chief of the Fairytale Traveler. This is no ordinary blog, and you’re no ordinary person if you’ve arrived here. If you’re like me you spent your childhood building castles from cardboard boxes and playing with wooden swords. You know every line to the intro of Star Wars and you won’t hesitate to throw yourself in front of a moving bus to save a vintage transformer… or a unicorn…or Chris Hemsworth (but that’s another kind of blog). It’s okay. I feel you. Good news, there’s a travel and lifestyle blog that feels you too… Welcome to the Fairytale Traveler. A place for the inner geek in you to plan your epic adventures, find good reads and keep up with your favorite upcoming TV and film events.

The Fairytale Traveler is a family travel & lifestyle blog inspired by books, film and television. We’re just a single mom and a little boy in a world of unicorns and superheroes. We explore film locations, literary trails, historic sites, cons and more for the geeky adventurer. When we’re home we’re keeping up with film and TV events (for grown-ups and kids), and we’ve been known to bake a cupcake or two.

Whether we’re exploring the ancient stones of Ireland where the fairies dwell, sleeping in a haunted castle or exploring places in Norway which inspired the Disney hit animated film Frozen, you can guarantee we are doing something epic, full of adventure and fandom.

Alright, now that’s an interesting blog:

Fairytale Travel is Enchanting

It’s a creative, fantastic, and exciting approach to trip planning. It’s a way to connect with your children and even your inner child by exploring the places that are the catalyst to the greatest stories ever told. It can even be a romantic adventure, or even enriching for the solo-traveler. Here at the Fairytale Traveler, we spend countless hours researching and interviewing experts to find destinationshotelscabins, tours, historic sites, and pre-historic sites where the memory of fascinating tales and legends are remembered…

Travel destinations for geeks and nerds? Why, that’s just right up our alley. OK, Christa has a new fan, that didn’t take even a second’s thought.

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s WordPress self-hosted as usual; same as us, and we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that … but wow, Christa really is a serious geek, there are more analytics and advertising plugins here than we’ve seen on anybody’s site so far, and we’ve never heard of like 80% of them. Definitely five star this site to come back and dissect thoroughly once we have enough traffic to mention.

So yep, we do seem to most always figure these blogs are worth following, which considering they’re the popularity winners and all does make sense, but this one is particularly suited to those of us with a geeky side. Follow and enjoy!


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