City Visit: Zunyi, China

We mentioned in the Tusi Sites writeup that we recommend seeing the Hailongtun Fortress property as a day trip from Zunyi — but there’s several other interesting things to see around Zunyi that our Dear Readers who happen to not, in fact, be from China have probably never heard of, so let’s go over those today!

Within China, Zunyi is in fact quite famous as the site of the eponymous Zunyi Conference, where during the Long March Mao Zedong took control of the Red Army and therefore the Communist Party. Which was a momentous enough event for the history of this part of the world that we call it a worthwhile visit even if it’s not on any international heritage lists yet!

As well as the Zunyi Meeting Site itself, be sure to visit the Zunyi Meeting Memorial Museum, which along with Long March related history has excellent examples of the Socialist Patriot Art genre, we thought these lads were particularly striking:

Zunyi Meeting Memorial Museum

Just across the river, nature lovers have Hongjun Mountain to walk up over and around,

Hongjun Mountain

we were particularly struck by the Monument To The Red Army Martyrs at the top of that staircase:

Monument to the Red Army Martyrs

On the north side of the city, we were staying by the Zunyi Museum,

Zunyi Museum

which is pretty small, as the reviews say, but apparently is a frequent place for patriotic art and exhibitions, like the 75th anniversary of something or other which we forget now you see the banners for there, so worth a check as long as you’re there.

Finally, the other reason Zunyi is famous in China is it’s the home of moutai. Did you know that Moutai is the world’s most valuable distiller? Apparently Mao and friends developed quite a taste for it while here:

While few outside China buy the liquor, Moutai baijiu is baked into national myth as the drink of choice for Communist Party leaders. It’s what Mao Zedong and his comrades toasted with at the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949…

If you want to have a really good party, moutai comes in sizes up to this:

50L of Moutai

Yes, that is a fifty litre bottle of moutai. Possibly the only time you’ll ever hear a troll say this, but that is a big enough bottle for us.

Finally, Zunyi is also a good staging post to visit Chishui Danxia Landform, widely regarded as the most impressive of the properties of the China Danxia WHS. We didn’t get around to that, we planned to visit it from Chongqing … but that didn’t happen either.

So that’s a good excuse to visit Zunyi again, we say; thoroughly recommend it to you too as a relatively unknown internationally place to visit!


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