Cheap Flights: EarlyBird Flight Club

Here’s one for our Dear UK Readers — a new service that purports to save you hundreds of pounds by finding those cheap airfares:

EarlyBird Flight Club

EarlyBird Flight Club


~ Manifesto ~

We are EarlyBird Flight Club and we live by the philosophy that too much of a good thing is probably a good thing. The best plan is no plan and pursuit of travel is a nobel one.

All hail the rogue, the rascal & the wanderlust.

We have away to deal with outsiders, invite them to the beach for a swim.

Oliver @ EarlyBird Flight Club

You can sign up for free or there’s a paid plan — those are affiliate links, and usually we only put those in for things we can recommend from personal experience, but being in Bangkok and all we’re not up on normal flight prices from the UK…


p dir=”ltr”>… so this time we just have a “looks good, check it out” recommendation; so do that, and if you do go for the subscription, let us know if it was worth it for you!


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