Win A £12,000 Galápagos Cruise!

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Win a trip to the Galápagos Islands worth over £12,000!

Win A £12,000 Galápagos Cruise!


The great naturalist Charles Darwin once described the Galápagos Islands as “a little world within itself,” and his words still ring true today. Countless miraculous creatures – many of which can’t be found anywhere else on Earth – call this remote Ecuadorian archipelago home, and much of its landscape appears as if ripped straight from another planet. It’s little wonder that it still appears top of most peoples’ bucket lists (and rightly so).

Now tour operator Latin Routes is offering you and a friend the chance to realise a long-held travel dream in style, with a place on your own Galápagos cruising adventure. It’s your ticket to discovering a land like no other…

Nothing can really prepare you for your first glimpse of the Galápagos. By the end of your week-long cruise aboard the luxurious M/Y Passion yacht, you’ll become entranced by the islands’ wildlife and landscapes – aided by the ship’s on-board naturalist guide. If you’re taking the route around the Western Islands (with trips around the Eastern Islands also available) your first stop will be Santa Cruz, to visit a tortoise breeding centre and see first-hand the good work that is being done in resurrecting the giant tortoise’s fortunes.

Your next island stop is Floreana, where the jade-coloured beaches of Punta Cormorant are streaked with the pink of flamingos, while sharks and rays regularly patrol offshore. Nearby, off the island, the submerged volcanic crater Devil’s Crown is a playground for snorkellers weaving through great bounties of tropical fish, white-tipped reef sharks and spotted eagle rays.

Elsewhere, spy whales and dolphins en route to Isabela, the Galápagos’ largest island, which reveals lava-flow hikes to flamingo-filled lagoons and black beaches that are home to nesting green sea turtles. Inland treks will have you hunting for land iguanas, giant tortoises and saltwater-brimmed craters, while Tagus Cove is etched with the names of legendary pirates.

Your island-hopping adventure continues at Puerto Egas on Santiago Island, where Galápagos sea lions bask under curves of old lava flows or cool off in nearby crystalline pools. Its coastline is studded with more unusual rock formations, with nesting turtle sites and forest trails snaking inland and throwing up opportunities to spot Darwin finches and Galápagos flycatchers.

Disembark on Santiago and be greeted by fresh lava flows veining the waters of Sullivan Bay, as penguins and herons waddle across the cooled volcanic rock in search of fish. Elsewhere, the small isle of North Seymour is a haven for birdwatchers, thanks to its colonies of blue-footed boobies, frigatebirds and swallow-tailed gulls.

Before flying back to the mainland for a second dose of colonial Quito, your final slice of these Darwinian wonders is Mosquera. This tiny island is home to a large sea lion colony, plenty of shorebirds and orca lurking offshore…

That is an excellent itinerary for a Galápagos cruise! Just answer this question:

Q: Charles Darwin visited the Galápagos Islands on which ship?

a) HMS Beagle
b) HMS Bounty
c) HMS Eagle

(If you don’t know the answer … click here for a good read)


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