Tiplr Tip Contest: $1000 For Best Tip!

Heard of travel tip community Tiplr.com? Well, we hadn’t until just now

Tiplr is about travel tips. We have the best recommendations from smart travelers like you, as well as insights from the travel guides you love, the travel bloggers you admire and those local experts you hope to stumble upon during your travels…

— but hey, they have an excellent reason for you to hear about them today:

Create the Best Travel Tip and Win $1,000

Tiplr Tip Contest: $1000 For Best Tip!


1. Enter the Contest

Fill out the following form to officially enter the Best Travel Tip competition. The best tip will be chosen by a panel of industry professionals and experts and will win a $1,000 gift card. Use it to plan your next great adventure!

Create an Account on Tiplr and Like us

Create an account on Tiplr through tiplr.com, or our iOS app. Add a photo and short bio to your profile to introduce yourself to the community. Connect with Tiplr. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and become a member of the Community of Smart Travelers group.

3. Write 10 Travel Tips

Create at least 10 tips using your Tiplr account. A travel tip is a special nugget of information that you’ve uncovered during your travels. Ensure these tips follow all of the guidelines and rules of the contest, or else you won’t be eligible for the grand prize!

More details on what makes a good tip and all on the contest entry page; so read it, download the app, and give it a shot!


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