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Oh, we’re almost back into double digits on the #travel1k charts lately; from last week‘s #126 got a full seven posts up for the week of August 8th and that’s good to hit #108, excellent! Although we’re heading off in a few hours to go diving with Scuba Dawgs and check out the island of Ko Chang, so probably not going to keep that up, but we’ll see…

This week we saw the biggest climbs from @pureGlamTV Vanessa (up 787 places to 872nd), Travelwyse (up 656 places to 1046th), and Umang Trivedi (up 655 places to 356th).

Well done to this week’s top three Charles McCool (McCool Travel)Matt Matt, and Stef Travel Photographer.

And for this week’s new blog to check out, highest we haven’t done yet is here at #14 up from #57: @karynlocke’s Sand and Snow!

#travel #blog Sand And Snow


Welcome to Sand and Snow…and everywhere in between! Karyn and Steven Locke are a married couple with two daughters from small-town Ohio with a big lust for travel , a love of photography, tech, and Disney, and are on a quest to find the best restaurant and adult beverage in every city they visit. When Karyn isn’t traveling, she’s combing her local beauty and fashion stores for the latest products to fall in love with. 

Well, looks like on flipping through here like the travel parts are exclusively US, so the overlap with our interests is minimal … although should we happen to find ourselves in Ohio, there’s definitely solid tips here:

Ohio’s Route 33 Brew Trail: A Road Trip of the Craft Brew Kind

The latest brew trail to ping our radar is the Route 33 Brew Trail in Central Ohio. With six breweries to start, and plenty of craft brews to choose from, we visited as many as possible in one day. The kicker? We asked the staff to choose the beer flights for us. Here’s why you need to take a trip on the Trail…

5 Must-visit Wineries in Geneva, Ohio

There’s no denying the beauty of Geneva and Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio. Head to Northeast Ohio and you’ll find some of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen. But, if you can tear yourself away from the water (or run out of wine!), where should you visit to refill your glass? A recent trip to the area gave me the best of both worlds: sunsets and wineries. Here are five must-visit wineries in Geneva, Ohio and Geneva-on-the-Lake & why I’m loving them…


p dir=”ltr”>Indeed, whenever we have a spare minute from dashing betweeh WHS, trolls do tend to home in on the, ah, autochthonous beverages of a place, from Zunyi to Madeira to Bermuda (if you’ve never had Black Seal Rum, make getting some a priority!) so we can certainly appreciate the reviews here.

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress setup, and as always we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that, free Jetpack Professional and all; and a wider than usual array of plugins, some of which are new to us … Walmart has an affiliate network? Really?

So, a nicely laid out lifestyle blog here, and a good example of the regional focused sort of travel blog — not something we’ll keep on our regular news list, unwieldly big as it is already, but we’ll definitely comb for tips next time we’re heading Ohio way!


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