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Well, will you just look at these #travel1k rankings? We were alright last week with #106 — but for the week of January 30th another new record, all the way up to #43, and that makes us a Top 50 Travel Blogger!! Well, close enough to put that on our media kit we must get around to doing one day. One week still counts, right?

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Adventure Mom (up 1244 places to 387th), Kalyan Panja (up 815 places to 61st), and C Boarding Group (up 632 places to 112th).

Well done to this week’s top three Charles McCool (McCool Travel)Matt Matt, and Julie McCool (Fun In Fairfax VA).

And for our new blog to check out this week, here we are at #23 up from #30: @LadiesWTravel’s Ladies What Travel!


Hi, we’re Emma and Keri, and we head up a team of five female bloggers with a love of travel. As we all have day jobs, our focus is on making the most out of weekends and annual leave.

We spend a lot of our time exploring everything the UK has to offer, but we also regularly escape for weekend breaks and short getaways, as well as making time for those all-important main holidays!

With the team made up of ladies in their 20s, 30s and 40s, we all have different travel styles so cover everything from affordable luxury and afternoon tea through to historical adventures and road trips.

Here at Ladies What Travel you’ll find stories on:

  • UK day trips
  • Mini-breaks, weekends away and road trips
  • Long-haul travel
  • Destination guides
  • Hotel, restaurant and attraction reviews
  • Local and international cuisine
  • Travel lifestyle, tips and advice

Heh, now here’s a section that we haven’t seen in a travel blog before — Afternoon Tea Reviews:

A long-term lover of afternoon tea, it has ‘accidentally’ became a tradition of mine to have afternoon tea at each new destination I visit.

The idea all began during my first trip to Asia, when I visited Hong Kong and decided that I just had to have afternoon tea at The Peninsula. Chatting over the scones I started talking about how great it would be to try out different afternoon teas around the world and in that moment my ‘Global Afternoon Tea Challenge’ was born!

Since then I’ve been on the look out for exciting, quirky or renowned afternoon teas wherever I travel – and I regularly make time for afternoon teas at home here in the UK…

And as it would happen, just a couple of weeks they posted about … just across the street from our day job!

Afternoon Tea in Bangkok – The Grand Hyatt’s Erawan Tea Room

Visitors looking for afternoon tea in Bangkok are spoilt for choice, as not only do the majority of the city’s high end hotels offer high tea of some kind, there are many cute little independents who’ve also got in on the trend. However, during my recent trip to the Thai capital the one that really caught my attention was afternoon tea at the Grand Hyatt’s Erawan Tea Room.

This was because the tea room actually sits right above the city’s iconic Erawan Shrine, giving you a super special setting for your afternoon tea…

Must admit we got the biggest chuckle over her reaction to the Thai desserts:

The desserts were made up of the classic Thai dessert mango with sticky rice, a pandan coconut mousse, a sticky rice flour dumpling stuffed with yellow bean, sesame and coconut, sweet and salty crispy bean crepes, mixed flour and nutmeg dumplings, a crispy rice pudding with taro, corn, pumpkin and spring onion, a Thai tea and cranberry financier, a mana banana chop and a fruit tartlet. 

The sweet and savoury mixtures were the oddest for me. The sticky rice flour dumpling was gloopy and was so weird with a sweet taste mixed with the flavour of spring onion. I’d never tried anything like it before. The crepes did go down well though, sweet and salty, they had a nice crunch, but me and the stuffed dumplings didn’t get on too well…

Personally, the unique Thai approach to mixing flavours are a large part of exactly why we’ve settled here permanently, far as current expectations go — but we understand completely this reaction, if you’re not brought up to it it’s a challenge to appreciate the chef’s artistry, it just tastes really weird.

(Pro tip: Check out real Sri Racha sauce when you’re in Thailand — you will find it extremely different from the Americanized chili sauce that’s called Sriracha elsewhere!)

For further abroad than 200 meters (from us, anyways) let’s take a look at this article here about New Zealand where we’ll be heading shortishly:

A visit to Tamaki Maori Village

My evening visit to the Tamaki Maori Village in Rotorua was one of the highlights of my time in New Zealand – and it’s something I’d recommend everyone go along to if they get a chance.

An award winning cultural attraction, Tamaki Maori Village is a real ‘event’ from the moment you board the coach to the time when they drop you back outside your hotel. Everyone you meet from your guide and coach driver to the Maoris all over the village are welcoming and clearly have a passion for their heritage and want to share it with you…

The whole evening was entertaining and we learnt so much about the Maori culture. When we first arrived we were faced with a show of ‘power’ by the Maori men, with several guests brought out to take part in the meeting and eventually the welcoming into the village, which is called the powhiri ceremony…

OK, well since we’re planning to go right by Rotoura, think we’ll definitely see about fitting that evening into the schedule, sounds like a good time doesn’t it?

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As it happens, the Ladies and us are mutual followers on Twitter already, but they’d been lost in the 22.9k and counting firehose — I’ll definitely be paying more attention to them going forward, recommend you check them out too!

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