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And we’re continuing to ride along nicely in the #travel1k rankings: last week we were at #64, a gloat-worthy achievement we’re sure you’ll agree, and for the week of April 3rd we’re down a little bit to #70. Which we’re still pretty darn happy with!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from John Morris (up 567 places to 492nd), Erin Bender (up 565 places to 324th), and Janice Chung (up 537 places to 238th).

Well done to this week’s top three Charles McCool (McCool Travel)Matt Matt, and Andrea Pizzato.

And for our new blog to check out this week, here we are at #41 down from #34 last week: @TravelTalesLife‘s Travel Tales Of Life!


Living in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Sue and Dave have been best friends and married for over 30 years. Parents to adult children and proud grandparents they are passionate about social justice, volunteerism and not letting the phrase, “What would people think?” or fear get in the way of trying something new; the possibilities are endless.

Their adventurous spirits keep them living the theme of ‘never too old to explore’. Well into the second half of the game of life they believe there is no time like the present to get out there, live big and laugh a lot.

Travel Tales of Life has been featured in depth by More Time To Travel in speaking to cycling tourism for those over 50. Their articles  have been featured in The Caribbean Daily, What’s Up Tasmania, About Basque Country and All About Mexico online magazines as well as the  HIS Vancouver travel website.

Sue and Dave hold accredited media status with Travel Alberta. In 2015 they were nominated for the annual Tourism Media ALTO award. They have collaborated with tourism boards and companies around the world.

Here’s a recent article that looks interesting:

6 Stunning Restaurants With A View Around the World

Even the most experienced food critic will have a challenging time savouring scrumptious morsels while gazing at a drab wall. Ask most people to describe their most memorable meal of their travels and restaurants with a view often come to the table. From a romantic dinner at a sunset view restaurant to cliffside restaurants with amazing views these experiences leave delicious memories.

Don’t ask me about the food with a view from these fun restaurants around the world. Apologies to all the foodies out there. I should likely start taking notes at meal time. What I can share is that these restaurants with beautiful views are ones we would return to in a heartbeat. Enjoy the global feast for the eyes.

  • Buza Bars – Dubrovnik Croatia…
  • Cliffhouse Bistro – Mount Norquay Banff, Canada…
  • Brewski Rooftop Bar – Bangkok Thailand…
  • Hotel Cenobio Dei Dogi – Camogli, Italy…
  • Sunset Mona Lisa – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico…
  • The Lookout Cafe – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe…

Well, we’ve only been to the Cliffhouse out of that selection, although we’ve been close to all the rest except Victoria Falls — Brewski in particular is just a skip away from our day job at Agoda.com in Bangkok; we’re fans of Above Eleven‘s Peruvian-Japanese fusion but we’ll give Brewski a shot next time we go out on the town!

That bit about Victoria Falls, which is definitely one of the more impressive World Heritage Sites we haven’t got to yet, let’s see if they have any more on that … ah, here we are:

Angel’s Pool – Living on the Edge at Victoria Falls

Turns out the naysayers and name callers are right after all. We are mad as cut snakes. As the guide walks me through the raging waters of Victoria Falls toward Angel’s Pool the truth makes my eyes bulge just a little further out of their sockets. I cling to his muscled Zambian arm like the last preserver on a sinking ship.

I see no pool whatsoever let alone one suitable for the name Angel in the eight feet between us and the edge of the abyss. The Zambezi River awaits us some 108 metres (350 feet) below. In the heart of high water season the mist of Victoria Falls rockets skyward.

Devil’s Pool, on a nearby section of the falls, is too dangerous to access at this time of the year. Thank goodness for small mercies. As my guide, whose hand has likely gone numb some time ago from my vice grip clinging, points to another spot I should step so as to reach my perch in the Angel’s armchair.

Sitting on the rock perch I breathe deeply and  believe I may not be completely mad after all. Gazing over one of the seven natural wonders of the world the beauty of Africa overrides the fear. Hubby smiles widely like a kid in the adventure candy store of life…

Heh. “Kid in the adventure candy store of life?” Why, we like that description so much we’re going to appropriate it for ourselves, wethinks. Certainly, we can’t think of anyone who would claim it doesn’t apply to us —

— and particularly when we were perched on the edge of Victoria Falls, no doubt! That’s certainly one of the more evocative pieces we’ve read recently, ok Zimbabwe just pushed itself up our Natural Wonders priority list. Right after Komodo to see the DRAGONS!


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So this one rates high on the “kind of blogger we want to be when we grow up” scale, always nice to see people enjoying themselves the same way we like to enjoy ourselves — we’re following them on Twitter now, and recommend you go check them out as well!

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