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Yep, it’s an up week on the #travel1k charts — last week waaaaay down at #621, and for the week of December 12th, everything’s found again and uuuuuup we go to #171. Wait, no, still didn’t get any points for our Twitter followers, that’s why it’s still lower than usual. Ah well.

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Laura Georgieff (up 635 places to 400th), Tam Warner Minton (up 495 places to 115th), and Dave Brett (up 476 places to 213th).

Just one new travel blogger this week. Please join me in giving a warm welcome to Elaine Schoch who went straight in at 360th.

Well done to this week’s top three Charles McCool (McCool Travel)Andrea Pizzato, and Matt Matt.

And this week, our new blog to check out is here at #37 up from #43: @wdunlap’s Unhook Now!

Wayne and Pat Dunlap show people what is worth seeing and unique strategies how to travel for half the cost for all levels of travel from budget to luxury and 100’s of other unique travel tipsWe make no money – just a retirement give back to help people travel and enjoy it more.

They have visited  100 countries on 6 continents as well as 45 U.S. states and are award-winning travel photojournalists and bloggers.

The Dunlap’s have over 211,000 interested social media followers andare top travel influencers, featured travel speakers at large travel shows, and author of the 5-star travel book Plan Your Escape®. They are excited to be hosts of the travel TV show Plan Your Escape® TV aired on the CW network.

They have been fortunate to live their dreams and are members of the exclusive Travelers’ Century Club

OK, this is the first travel blogger we’ve run across that has their own TV show:

Travel TV Show Plan Your Escape®

Travel TV hosts of Plan Your Escape® TV aired on the CW network – sharing travel experiences and giving easy-to-use travel tips and unique bargain-finding strategies.

Pat and I are passionate about travel and love to inspire people to travel more and see this beautiful world. We take you to wonderful places in the world with the unique perspective of telling our viewers how you can discover great travel values and realistically realize your travel dreams…

And they have a book you can check out on Amazon:

Plan Your Escape: Secrets of Traveling the World for Less Than the Cost of Living at Home

As for the actual travels, let’s look for some places we haven’t been … ah yes, we’ll be in New Zealand in a few months, specifically visiting this World Heritage Site and World Wonder:

Milford Sound, New Zealand

World famous Milford Sound is a beautiful place, achieving World Heritage status, and makes for an amazing day trip!

We were blessed with absolutely glorious weather (a rare event for Milford Sound in late spring).

From Queenstown, we choose a day trip to Milford Sound with Real Journeyswhere we took a 5-hour coach ride through one of the best drives in New Zealand, followed by a 2-hour scenic boat trip on Milford Sound, and a 45 minutes awesome flight back.

The sheer magnitude of the landscapes at Milford Sound made every minute complete eye candy! The scenery changes from unique New Zealand moss covered forest to rolling green pastures filled with sheep and cows to wild coastline to rocky granite snow-capped mountains to glacier lakes to dramatic and thundering waterfalls and cliff-framed ocean…

Yep, that should be a good one for the Instagram feed.

Oh, here’s a good one about an adventure:

Coral Coast, Fiji

“Bula” (Hello) from Fiji. We love Fiji.

See why we love Fiji below but first, let us tell you about a rare travel experience…
We dropped into the Fiji’s Coral Coast to relax after our 3-week driving adventure through New Zealand and relax we diduntil CYCLONE MICK HIT FIJI!

Rated ‘only’ a category 2 cyclone (hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere), Cyclone Mick’s eye passed near Fiji providing up to 50-60 mile-per-hourwinds – an unexpected and rather rare Fijian experience. Unlike many others here, we thought this was great fun…

That’s one thing we haven’t accomplished yet on our travels, never been caught in a storm important enough to get an actual name. However, that’s one of the few life experiences that you know what? We’ll be just fine if we never actually get to it ourselves, we’re perfectly content to just read about other people’s adventures of that particular sort.

Technically, now this is a surprise here, it’s not only hosted with Blogspot unlike WordPress which almost every other blog we’ve reviewed uses — it’s just a regular .blogspot.com URL, not even a custom domain! Guess if you have your own TV media empire and all, you don’t actually need conventional branding wisdom, do you?

So there we go, this is an entertainingly diverse blog to check out; at the very least, pop over and take a gander at the Money Saving Strategies & Resources page, we particularly like this one:

7) Follow the Disaster: We have had some wonderful trips costing us almost half the normal cost by using our ‘follow the disaster’ travel-planning model. This idea takes some careful explanation. When a country experiences an unexpected tragedy and the ‘news’ reports the worst things, people will cancel their planned trip. For months, sometimes years, tourism will be significantly reduced to the whole country. What many people see as potential risk, we recognize as a potential travel bargain. ..

Heh. That’s an innovative strategy that hadn’t occured to us!


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