Find The Cheapest RTW Ticket And Win $10K!

Fancy yourself an expert at finding optimal flight itineraries? (Why, yes. Yes, we do.) Well, today’s contest heads up for you is a chance to prove it — and win $10,000 (or one of the 25 $500 flights for runners-up) for proving it, by finding the cheapest round-the-world itinerary with graphic flight metasearch site Escape!

Play The Great Escape Challenge



Just find the cheapest globe hopping adventure on Escape!

  • Start from your origin city on any dates
  • Add at least one city per continent to your trip
  • Fly back to the origin and submit the total airfare


p dir=”ltr”>Those are pretty straightfoward instructions, aren’t they? Well, we are definitely going to head right over and give that one a shot — come on over and join us, competition’s open until the 15th!

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