Mekong Minis Movie Festival 2019

Remember the first Mekong Mini Movie Festival last year? Apparently that went well, it’s back and bigger for the 2nd annual this year!

The Mekong Minis 2019


Here’s how it works:

  1. Make an inspirational travel video. We ask that you keep it under 60 seconds, but the rest is up to you: iPhone, Samsung, or Canon 5D; iMovie or AVID.
  2. Capture beautiful landscapes and experiences. Tell a story that inspires. Be creative. Have fun.
  3. Post to your Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube account using #MekongMinis and #Country/Destination(s). You must use all three hashtags to be entered! You may also add #location and #business/attraction hashtags as applicable – companies that ask people to add their own hashtag will be able to promote their own business. 
  4. Register at so we can contact you. You may also send us a message with the link of your video.
  5. Vote for your favourite video at (or and watch for announcements of screenings and finalists.


p dir=”auto”>Finishes at the end of the month, so head on over and vote now — and if you’ve got some Mekong video ready to go, check out the prizes, still a few weeks left to get in on it!

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