Submissions Open: Fred’s Blog 2020 Authors Showcase

Here’s a writing contest that suits the mood of the moment most excellently indeed over at Fred’s Blog, where the Travel Stories contest of years past has been replaced with an Authors Showcase on a subject we all need more of at the moment: Inspirational True Stories!

2020 Authors Showcase – Guidelines


Few of us have lived through such unsettling times as these.

Because of this, I wanted to make this year’s showcase as cheerful and supportive as possible.

My hope is that the subject for our 2020 Authors Showcase – Inspirational True Stories – will appeal to writers and readers alike.

During self-isolation, we all have time on our hands. Whether you are an experienced author or a novice writer, now is the perfect time to get writing.

If you always wanted to write but lacked the confidence, I would like to help. The most important thing is to get your thoughts and feelings down on paper. Once you have done that, please forward me a draft copy and I will give you feedback and make editing recommendations.

Although stories can be about your own experiences, they can also be about friends, relatives or colleagues. Most importantly they should inspire, motivate and bring encouragement to the reader…


p dir=”ltr”>It runs through the end of September, and you can submit one every month — so what better to work on during your lockdown than stories of inspiration and motivation? The world certainly could use a lot more of those right now, so step right up!

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