Win A 30 Day Trip To Brazil!

How’s your social influencer chops? Figure you’re up for a 30 day adventure in Brazil showing them off? Well, do we ever have a contest for you today!



“Rolê” is a Brazilian expression that loosely translates to “going for a walk”. Going for a “rolê” means to have fun, to make friends, to enjoy life.

And that’s what you can do in Brazil if you win the cultural contest “The King of Rolê”. You will be treated like a king: The King of Rolê.


You will get to know all the regions of the country with all expenses paid.

Want to know more about the contest and about the “rolê?”

Watch the video to find out all the details!

Step 1:

Shoot a video with up to 1 minute answering: 
What would an experience of 30 days in Brazil mean to you?

Step 2:

Upload the video to YouTube and register in this website.

Step 3:

Share the campaign video on your social media with the hashtag #30DaysInBrazil4Free
to confirm your participation, and then get your friends to help you out.


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The only requirement is “I am a born foreigner, resident and domiciled outside Brazil” — so for all our non-Brazilian Dear Readers, that looks like a downright fantastic month with visits to Ouro Preto, Nova Olinda, Boa Vista, Aracruz, and more, all ending up with Carnaval in Rio, shoot your video and get promoting!

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