Win a 5 Continent World Tour From TourRadar!

Now here’s a contest with some serious travel for the winners: How does 5 tours across 5 continents and 50 days sound? Pretty unbeatable, right? Well, check this out:

TourRadar’s Tour The World Competition


Would you like to Tour the World?

Can you see yourself exploring far-off places? Are your dreams made of island shores, cobbled streets and ancient ruins? Does the idea of routine send chills down your spine? If this sounds like you, congratulations: you’re one step closer to living your dream life.

Together with Intrepid Travel, we’re searching for two complete strangers
 with one thing in common: a desire to explore the world. This is your chance to escape the day-to-day for the trip of a lifetime around the globe, on us! And because this is no ordinary journey, we want people that are hungry for adventure, the element of surprise and new experiences. We’ll also be sending a film crew alongside you to capture the whole adventure, so your friends, family and adoring fans back home can follow along! 

The dream trip is all on us

Two people will go on an  all expenses paid trip of a lifetime, worth more than $22,000 USD per person. Our jury will select two individual applicants (you’ll get to know each other in due course) to travel five different continents alongside each other. Harness the true spirit of touring, make a new friend and experience the world as you never have before…

And what do you need to do for a shot at this? Pretty simple — just go register, and then

Show us who you are

We want to know why you’re the right person to tour the world! Film a 2 minute-long video showcasing what a day in your life looks like, highlighting why you’re the perfect person for this opportunity.

Serious bonus points will be awarded to anyone who manages to make themselves stand out from the crowd. We’re thinking: public places. A big spectacle. All the bells and whistles. It’s up to you. But the bigger your voice, the more we’d love to meet you.


p dir=”auto”>Do competition prizes even get more exciting than that?! Not too darn often, that’s for sure! Two weeks left as we write this, Dear Readers, so pop open your favorite video editor and get right to work on that!


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