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We’re getting increasingly specific in our contest listings lately, it seems; from anyone with a camera to shoot video for a 5 Continent World Tour, to our Fellow Travel Bloggers to write a post for a Week In Tenerife, and today …

… well, today it’s not just our Fellow Travel Bloggers, but our Close Neighbour Fellow Travel Bloggers here in Thailand, who have a chance to win a Tourism Authourity of Thailand trip:

TAT Newsroom launches second Blogger Thailand competition


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is launching its second TAT Newsroom “Blogger Thailand” competition for international bloggers residing in the Kingdom, offering six successful applicants the chance to go on an exclusive three-day itinerary.

Campaign dates for submissions run from 1 April to 31 May, 2019, with trip dates proposed for July 2019. The competition is open to bloggers residing in Thailand with an established, active blog (website) plus at least one main social media account with serious engagement.

This category accepts submission of photos, videos, or blogs that highlight off-the-beaten track Thai destinations or unseen experiences around Thailand. The entry can cover any of the following subjects: local Thai culinary tours, less crowded natural attractions, local Thai festivals and folk performances, unique Thai traditions, homestays and community markets.

The competition accepts only one entry per applicant. It can be a blog, vlog or photo (all content should be submitted in English only).

  • Entry blogs must be from 400 to 500 words long with up to five complementary photos illustrating each story. Each photo should be submitted via a link to a media file on the entrant’s blog (website), or a link to an Instagram post.
  • Entry vlogs from 60 to 90 seconds in length should be submitted via a link to the video on YouTube or Facebook.
  • Entry photos should be submitted via a link to post on Instagram and should be titled with the text that accurately describes the image in brief, stating where the image was taken in Thailand…

OK now, we keep intending to enter these competitions ourselves but hardly ever do … but this one, we’ll enter for sure. Six winners, and it’s restricted to “international bloggers residing in the Kingdom” — well, how many can there be? Can’t imagine that there would ever be a contest with better odds than that one for us!

Off the top of our head, we’re thinking that the Lopburi Monkey Festival would probably be a good one here, for that touch of humour —


p dir=”ltr”>— but if you have any suggestions, Dear Kon Thai Readers, for anything that is is particularly off most people’s radar and happens in April or May, please let us know!

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