Win A Blogging Week In Tenerife!

Today we have a competition for our Dear Fellow Travel Bloggers to enter, and one that we’re seriously considering ourselves, having just written about our visits to Malta’s various World Heritage Sites — the prize is a fully packed week’s trip to Tenerife!

Captain Hooks Excursions’ 2019 Travel Bloggers Competition


Captain Hooks Excursions have teamed up with Your Promo Holiday to host a travel bloggers competition. We will pick one winner to enjoy an action packed week in Tenerife. 

Bloggers Competition Prize

The winner will receive a 7 night, fun filled holiday in Tenerife.

We would like you to enjoy an action packed week to visit all the desirable places and take part in the best excursions Tenerife has to offer. As part of this competition win you will complete one last post for Captain Hooks Excursions & Your Promo Holiday promoting this magnificent island…

Submit your info on the linked page there, and they’ll pick the ten best to make a guest post — and this is an interesting one, you’ll see monthly public data on how you’re doing:

How to win our travel bloggers competition

The winner will be based on a number of factors and the data will be shown monthly on this page. All results we be documented using Stat Counter & HubSpot.

The deciding factor will be based on the following.

  1. Who appears highest on our list of most popular pages
  2. Number of page entries
  3. Number of online sign up forms completed (where visitors came from your post)
  4. Number of converted leads to bookings (from leads that came from your post. Using your post as a landing page)
  5. Nationality of visitors (we are currently looking for visitors from the UK)

If that sounds like a challenge you’re looking for, Dear Fellow Blogger Friends, head on over and check it out!


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