Win A Trip Every Year For LIFE!

OK, we like bringing contests to win an interesting trip to you Dear Readers’ attention regularly, but this has to be the ultimate travel contest we’ll ever write about —

— how about winning not just one trip, but a trip every year? For LIFE!?


We want to send you on a dream adventure every year for the rest of your life.

All you have to do is pick your top 3 adventures – it’s really that simple! One lucky traveler will win one trip with us every year for life. Whether it’s cruising through time on the Nile, eating your way through Italy or cycling through emerald green terraces in Vietnam, we want to make your life a #LifeOfAdventure.

Do you, now? Well, that sounds like quite the prize, doesn’t it? OK, let’s head over and check this out…

  • Choose your top 3 dream trips for your chance to win a lifetime of adventures!
  • Click on “Choose Destination” below to get started.
  • Once you’ve chosen all 3, click “Enter Competition” to submit your entry!

Huh, it actually is that easy! OK, here’s our picks:

Cape Town to Vic Falls, South Africa

Whether you soar over the falls on a flight, walk along the Zimbabwean side or head over to Zambia’s side, nothing prepares you for the sheer beauty of Victoria Falls.

Arctic Lights & Whales, Norway

View the magic of the Northern Lights from one of the most unspoilt places on earth.

The Silk Road, Uzbekistan

A journey which took us through space and time, to stunning cities and through spectacular landscapes, and unveiled a story of conquerors, traders, academics and craftsmen, this is a truly enlightening adventure.


p dir=”ltr”>Quite the catalog Exodus has — check it out and enter now!

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