2020’s Top 29 Travel Affiliate Programs

From what we’ve seen over the last couple years writing this, seems that pretty much everyone who travels is either writing a travel blog or wants to — trick is, how do you make the effort bring in some passive income, at least enough to call yourself a “professional” with a reasonably straight face whilst you explore more active income opoortunities?

Well, going by our personal experience, display ads are not worth bothering with. Which in 2020 is not a surprise to oh, pretty much the entire internet, really. Yes, we’re still displaying them — if you do want to give them a try and see if more of your readers click them than ours do, WordAds is the way to go if you have a WordPress site as most all travel bloggers do — but if the interesting new project we have planned for 2020 works out, this and the various other sites we manage are going to migrate away from WordPress and drop the ad idea completely.

A much better idea, although one we haven’t been able to take full advantage of here so far as since currently we’re an expat working on Agoda’s iOS app, so pretty much the only one that doesn’t infringe our terms of employment would be that Amazon box you see on the right there, is to have a stable of affiliate programs that you can link to with your personal recommendations! And here is an excellent list of programs that you can apply to for your travel blog, Dear Reader:

Top 29 Travel Affiliate Programs in 2020: From Flights to Hotels
Do you love to travel and explore the world? Do you want to make money while doing so? Check out the best travel affiliate programs to monetize your passion.


It is almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t like to travel. Do you know why that is? It is because the need to travel and explore is embedded in our DNA. Our forefathers were migrating from place to place for several reasons, even though they did not have the same amenities as we do today. As a matter of fact, Christopher Columbus and his team discovered America because of their need to explore. Nowadays, we have all the amenities that help us travel faster and more comfortable. Therefore, there is little or no reason preventing people from traveling, be it for work or leisure. 

So, as an affiliate marketer, blogger, or vlogger who wants to concentrate on the travel niche, you will not have to be convincing people to travel. The only challenge you will face is convincing them to get their travel material through your affiliate link…


Indeed. So if you’re talking about things you love, that ought to be easy right? At the very least, it’s certainly a better prospect than pouring your time into blog posts and hoping they click some random ad on the page!

Go read the whole thing, but we’ll just briefly recommend the two we figure you should start with:

1) Amazon Associates

As we mentioned above, and you can see on the right there, this is bringing in a steady trickle without us putting any particular effort into it — if you shop on Amazon and who doesn’t, this is immediately useful return on your time!

2) Travelpayouts

Travelpayouts is an umbrella affiliate network that covers not only its own three metasearch engines hotellook.com, jetradar.com and aviasales, but dozens of others in the industry from booking.com to kiwi.com to rentalcars.com to ctrip.com! Most of the big names require their own secondary approval, but just signing up gets you access to referrals to those metasearch engines which is a good start. And of those 29 top programs, 5 are managed by Travelpayouts, which makes this we’d say definitely makes this the place to sink your effort into…


p dir=”ltr”>… if, unlike us, you don’t actually currently work at the best OTA out there, Agoda.com that has its own affiliate program on that Top 29 list, which of course you should sign up for today as well!

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