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As you can see, the place is starting to look almost livable these days! Let’s go over the little helpers that we haven’t mentioned yet in our Start Your Own Travel Blog series, shall we?

First up, probably the single biggest decision you’ll make: What theme to use for your blog? That’s such an individual question that you really have to put your own time into figuring out what’ll work for you — we’ll just point out which one we picked as a starting point for you. And that winner was

Travel Diaries Pro by Rara Theme

Our initial filter for narrowing down the umpteen gazillion choices allegedly aimed at travel blogs was, do they have a free version on that’s decently reviewed? Then, we looked at do the authors have an active blog? And is the theme attractive yet clean in design? Finally, does it look like there’s solid documentation and support?

This was the theme that looked like the best choice; and so far we’ve had not the slighest reason to second-guess that. Particular shoutout to their support quality — every question I’ve had so far has been answered quickly and competently, which is quite unusual in the WordPress theme world in my experience. Money well spent, looks like!

A couple of our other choices were determined by that; the newsletter signup you see above is part of the theme, all we had to do was paste in the embed signup code provided by a free Mailchimp account. We’ve got much bigger plans for membership here … but a signup form is a start. Real artists ship, as a great man once said.

Likewise, this theme includes support for the popular Contact Form 7, which unsurprisingly powers the Contact page in the header, should you wish to get in touch.

Besides that, and the Yoast SEO and MonsterInsights Analytics plugins we mentioned earlier, the only active plugins so far are the ones that the DreamPress hosting recommends:

So all pretty standard and conventional choices so far, always safest to stick with the things you’re likely to easily get the most help with when you’re just starting out! We’ll keep this post updated as our knowledge and featureset grows, which we do hope happens quickly!

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