Blog Income Of $140K A Month!

Now how’s that for a clickbait headline? No, no, it’s not our income —

— don’t think we’ve made $14 any month yet, never mind $140K —

— we just stumbled across this blog post with lots of numbers in it, and we love numbers, so figured this was worth sharing:

Make Money Online – Blog Income Roundup from $1k to $140k

Make Money Online – Blog Income Roundup from $1k to $140k


For my book How to make money online as a blogger and digital nomad (to be published soon)I did a lot of research about how other bloggers, digital nomads and online entrepreneurs make money online and offline. I wanted to share my learnings in this blog income roundup which includes bloggers in all industries sharing either affiliate income reports, diversified income reports or passive income reports. I also started publishing my own income reports which you can find here

Did you ever wonder how bloggers make money? Are you a blogger who is stuck finding ways to break the mould and find new online income streams? Do you need inspiration to take the leap into the world of making money from anywhere? Look no further than this blog income roundup for a benchmark from the top earning bloggers and their revenue sources…

Personally, we’d already noticed this:

A lot of the most financially successful bloggers made it big by teaching others how to start a blog or how to replicate their success.

Interestingly enough, some of the blogs in the top end of the revenue spectrum make most of their revenue from teaching others how to be as successful as they are, regardless of what their original niche was…

There was a joke back in the day about how to get rich as an author … publish a book “How to Get Rich” which consisted solely of

Do what I did — write a book!

Apparently the same applies to blogging. Funny, that. Well, you have our pledge that we’re never going to try that avenue of monetization; if we ever start making enough money for this to be a worthwhile endeavour, we’ll definitely share all our secrets blind luck with you!

Here’s her own latest report:

Blog Income Report for November 2017

Lots of good discussion there for the aspiring blogger. Us, the general plan was that we’d build up a content and posting critical mass for the first year, then work on SEO and building Domain Authority and all those numbers that impress potential sponsors.


p dir=”ltr”>We’ll be posting on what works for us as we get around to figuring that out…. hopefully!

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