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This thing we just stumbled across looks interesting if you’re in the travel blogging/vlogging/photography space:



Search all content available in the Rich Media Exchange , the travel industry’s largest shareable video and image library .  With more than 700,000 images and over 2,000 videos, there is always something available when you need it – for free.  You can also upload, store, and share your content in the library for your own personal use! (unlimited photos, videos, and articles) 

When you use our images and videos, we give you the opportunity to make money by trip enabling your story. In a single step you can grab a Smart Trip Tool to allow your readers to plan their trip to visit the place or event that you are writing about. It takes just seconds…


Upload your blog postings to our library for easy storage and hosting plus raise your blog profileto the thousands of industry professionals who turn to RME as their own resource.

Expand your distribution via the Inform News Network, AOL, and more than 1800 consumer media outlets.

Connect with our strategic partners for access to regular publication opportunities, suppliers and advertisers and shared revenue programs around the world.   

You bring the content and we’ll bring the platform!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE – In 2018, we help you earn money for your work!

Extend your marketing!  In 2018, we will be adding tools to help you easily monetize your content. We will also be opening the TripWriters referral network to our partner destinations and brands so they can find you, contract with you, and work with you. Also watch for – a stock footage company that will allow you to monetize your content and earn money for your images and videos!


Well, that all sounds very interesting, doesn’t it? We’ve signed up for it — hey it’s free, why not — and soon as we get some free time around here we’ll learn our way around it and update this with how well it works.

In the meantime, if any of you Dear Fellow Bloggers have tips or experiences working with these people to share, please do!

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