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Once you get a bit of a presence on the web and get these various side hustles going, you’re probably going to find that you’re accumulating a number of domains, which can add up to a bit of an ongoing cost. So today, let’s look at how to reduce that!

In Staking Web Claims back when we were getting started, we noted that most hosting plans come with one free domain registration. Well, that’s definitely the cheapest way to go, and our recommended provider DreamPress will do that for you, but we don’t really recommend that long term for two reasons:

1. Security

If your provider + registrar is hacked, the black hats can transfer away your domain, which causes no end of trouble.

2. Flexibility

Hopefully, you’ll eventually grow out of the hosting plan you started with; or you may grow dissatisfied with its service, or whatever. If your registrar and hosts are separated, it’s easier to move or upgrade.

Eventually, you’ll probably want to go as far as this fellow did

Why (and How) I Separated My Hosting, Domains, Email, and DNS

but at the moment, we’ll just look into splitting registrar and host at the lowest cost. Defined as lowest renewal cost — sure, there’s sales everywhere on the first year or two, but you’re going to be around a lot longer than that, aren’t you?

Rght now, we have two .com and this .site domains sitting at GoDaddy, and there’s one coming up for renewal next month, which is why we’re looking into this today. They want C$19.99 for the basic .com, and privacy (a solid idea) is another C$9.99, which is US$24.50 today. So let’s see if we can beat that!

The first one we’ll check is MrDomain, which you may recall is where we registered our own “” branded shortening service to use with Bitly, because managing your own shortlinks is a good idea too, and not too many registrars handle “.si” domains; and they want…

… 9,95€ which is $11.89 today, and that includes privacy. So under half the full service GoDaddy price. Good start!

And we’ll check the renewal for too when that comes up next year … 11,95€ / $14.27 so just a little more.

And the registration once our cheapo 1 year deal is up? 29,95€ / $35.78 yikes! What is at GoDaddy? Double yikes, it’s $39.99. Well, that’ll teach us to not look past the $0.99 first year price won’t it?

So you see how this starts adding up once you start settling a lot of virtual turf!

There’s a whole lot of suggestions in this Quora thread, many with affiliate links so we can question their objectiveness,

Which service offers cheapest domain name renewals?

but that led us to this link which is informative enough we figured it merited this post you’re reading for later reference in our blog infrastructure category (should come up with a better name than “Design” for that really): TLD LIST!

1,573 Top-Level Domains

Every released TLD, up to date registration prices, and the best value for your money.

1573? Really, there’s 1573 TLDs now? Wow, just look at them all. So this is a good resource to keep handy for your new sitename brainstorming, never mind the price comparisons!

Speaking of which, here are their 53 featured registrars; it appears the main qualification to get on there is clearly published pricing. Which is good with us; the various degrees of deceptively misleading total costs you run into are extremely annoying.

So, let’s go to the .com provider page, as that’s who most everybody will look for first no doubt, sort by renewal price + privacy —

— and that throws up two clear recommendations, NameSilo at $8.99 and Porkbun at $8.84. Porkbun is also second on the 3 year value ratings and far ahead the first on customer reviews, so that’s a solid sign.

Let’s check our oddball domains too:

“.si”: We’ve actually got a better deal with all the ones here except OVH and it’s pretty close dependin on the £ exchange.

“.site”: NameSilo is here at $15.79, and Namecheap is the very cheapest at $9.88 + $2.88 for privacy. Where were they on .com? — ah, $10.69 + $2.88. And Porkbun is at $22.12.

So for our needs, and very likely yours as well, NameSilo looks like the winner here. Let’s dig around teh intertubez and see what other people think…

Best Domain Name Registrar: Namesilo vs. GoDaddy vs. Google Domains

Top Best, Worst Domain Registrars Till Date: My Review & Experiences

NameSilo Review 2017: Cheapest Domain Provider?

Good enough for us, we’re moving to NameSilo, hasta la vista GoDaddy. And if that sounds like a good idea to you too, feel free to tip us by following our affiliate link to register!

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