Don’t Do This: #shop4followers

Hmmm, that’s interesting: Soon as we tweeted out that last post noting how impressively Surf and Sunshine is handling their social networking, we came to the attention of the seamy underside of that social networking industry. Let’s just divert here briefly for some heartfelt advice to any of you that might be considering starting a blog like this, shall we?

What we’re talking about here are the people who feed off your understandable desire for your social profile to rise to notability by offering to sell you fake followers, views, likes, retweets, yadayadayada. There is one simple rule for you to follow when presented with opportunities of this sort:


Seriously, never ever have anything to do with these scams. It is trivially easy for anyone who cares to figure out that’s what you did, and it destroys your credibility forever.

And just on the off chance you’re wondering who cares enough to check you out? Ad networks. Affiliate networks. Potential employers. Potential contractors. Everyone who actually matters to making a living.

If you’re not honest in how you present yourself to the public, you won’t be honest with them either. Honesty is pretty much the only currency that’s worth anything in the Internet world, and you should not spend yours frivolously.

That said, and we trust you take it to heart, let’s find out just what the going rate is here, shall we? No, we’re not going to link directly, we put their hashtag in the post title to do our little bit to hijack it, that’s as much recognition as we’ll allow and you can figure it out from there if you must.

But let’s cosplay here and pretend that we’re us, except embarrassingly naïve, and we’re looking at the dozen and change views on our 3-video YouTube channel and figuring gee it’s sure going to take a lot of work to reach 10,000 views and start making money isn’t it, I’m sure YouTube would never notice if we bought them right? How much would that cost?

And the answer is … drum roll …

… $60.89. And 1 million — ONNNE! MILLLLLLIOOOON! — views for $1510! Woo-hoo!

Well, the politest thing we can say there is, if you honestly think buying that would have any other outcome than YouTube banning you and every business entity you have anything to do with from ever monetizing any traffic ever again, you fail to comprehend just how transparent the Internet is to people who own its plumbing.

So, yeah. This buying social approval thing? It corrodes decency, trust, and honor. And on top of that, it doesn’t work. Have nothing to do with it, denounce it where you find it, and sleep soundly at night as a consequence. We do.

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