DreamPress: Now With Jetpack Professional

Here’s some news for those of you thinking about hosting your own blog: You know how we’ve been saying we recommend DreamPress and all?

Well, it just got better:

A Dream Come True: Get Jetpack Professional with Your DreamPress Account

Exciting news: you can now get Jetpack Professional with a DreamPress Plus or Advanced plan at no additional cost. In other words, just pay for your DreamPress hosting and you get Jetpack Professional (a $299 value) for free.

This is an even better version of the deal we offered with DreamHost earlier in the year, which gave you Jetpack Premium for free. We were all so excited about the success of our original partnership with DreamHost that we wanted to make the deal even sweeter and give you our best plan…

What all is it you get with Jetpack Professional for that $299?

  • Automated, real-time off-site backups of your site’s content, databases, plugins, themes, and settings with one-click restores.
  • Malware scans of your code, themes, and plugins.
  • Access to more than 300 professional WordPress themes, including over 200 premium themes.
  • Automated social media sharing and scheduling tools.
  • Unlimited storage for video delivered without ads, watermarks, or throttling.
  • Access to a high quality ad program and simple payment button to generate revenue.
  • Priority support from Jetpack’s WordPress experts.

So yep, we even more now thoroughly recommend that you sign up with DreamPress!

But if you’re already running WordPress on another host you’re happy with, there’s always the option of signing up for Jetpack separately, and here’s a handy referral link to check out those options!

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