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BANGKOK, Thailand – April 12, 2017 – The travel news world was completely unfazed today to not realize in the slightest that this date marks the debut of a new travel blog dedicated to the edification and amusement of their audience. This casual disregard was not completely unexpected, as the nonexistent marketing plan associated with did not, in fact, extend to actually letting anyone know about it.

“Well, it was kinda a last minute thing” explained Blog Founder Alex Curylo aka The Troll, “tomorrow we’re heading to Vietnam for Songkran and all, and it hit me hey, that’ll make 97 UN member nations visited, which is the first measure of travelling that I’ll exceed 50% of the world on. Figured that was an occasion that merited marking in some fashion, and hey why not start a blog, let’s see if that’s fun.”

Queried as to the significance of the blog title, Curylo looked askance and replied “Because the end goal here is to visit, er, every World Heritage Site, which part of that is unclear exactly?” Reminded that it was not in fact a certainty that everyone who might read this on the Internet was actually previously familiar with that institution, he continued “Right, right. That’ll be the second blog post tomorrow then, we’ll go into what a WHS is. Gotta go pack now!”

Curylo’s credentials for this new venture are quite respectable. According to what is obviously the impeccable authority on travel biographies,, currently he is listed at #196 in their All Travelers Hall of Fame with 419 visited – 456 remaining and #41 in their All WHS Travelers Hall of Fame with 452 visited – 510 remaining. It is expected that ought to provide enough of a content backlog that between dimly recollected stories, new visits, curated news reports, gear reviews, and so on, there ought to be enough posted to keep the place interesting for quite a while yet.

The new site will probably have RSS feeds and all that nerdy stuff set up at some point soonish. In the meantime, Curylo suggested that readers too eager to wait for things to actually get set up properly go follow Instagram alexcurylo which has some recent pictures, or Twitter @everywhs which isn’t much of anything yet but he promises to get right on that. He further observed “Look, gotta to be at DMK in five hours, so kinda late on the packing here, we good for now?”

About is the Internet’s first and only personal blog site dedicated to the mission of chronicling visits to every UNESCO World Heritage Site whilst dispensing background knowledge, travelling tips, and whatever else seems like a good idea at the time.


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