How To Fail Miserably At Blogging, Part 1

So, maybe you noticed the last day or so that you followed any links here and you got “there is no site here” and/or “Error in database connection” and/or “This site is not secure” popups?

Or, if you’re extra eagle eyed, you might notice that the address has changed now to “”

See, we finally decided to accept that our venture here into the travel blogging world was inevitably destined to fail miserably no matter how much effort we put into it —

— if we didn’t change from a dot-site domain to a dot-com domain.

Why does that matter, you may wonder?

Thing about this blogging idea is, pretty much nobody is going to take you seriously, and definitely you can not even apply for the vast majority of monetarily rewarding opportunities…

… which is kinda the point of the whole thing…

… if you do not have a “Domain Authority” of at least 30. “Domain Authority” is a magic number with allegedly some 40 components, but roughly it’s how many links to your site from popular people are out there. If you want to know more, there’s a good intro here:

What Is Domain Authority (DA) ? – A Complete Guide For Beginners

So “not failing” at blogging is essentially a game of getting as many high DA sites to link to you as possible, so you have a high DA, and then you have a chance of monetizing; levels we’ve seen repeatedly are that to apply for an opportunity like a sponsored post, there’ll be one payscale for DA 40+. another for DA 30+, and don’t bother us if you’re under that, pretty much.

Should You Pitch Sites Under Domain Authority 30?

And the problem we were faced with, you can see if we go to the official DA calculator:

How To Fail Miserably At Blogging

What we’ve learned these last months, Dear Reader, so you don’t have to, is that you cannot get a Domain Authority calculated for a dot-site domain. They only calculate it for certain top level domains, and dot-site is not one of them.

And finally yesterday, we decided that there is no possible way that we can work around that problem, and there’s no point continuing on with something that’s never going to succeed by the universally accepted metrics.

Soooooo, off to NameSilo we went, and found that “” was available, which fit well with our most successful social media presence so far, our 14,471 tweeps at @everywhs. So we registered that.

And our decision to host with DreamPress paid for itself quite nicely indeed, because they have a simple process in place for doing exactly this kind of thing. Generally meant for moving a staging site to a live site, but hey it works for rebranding too.

Of course, we managed to mess up that simple process, which is why things were confused for longer than the couple hours it’s supposed to take, but Dreamhost support is competent and efficient and apparently used to dealing with people who mess up simple instructions … so here we are up and running again.

And now, on to getting all our accounts moved, the new site submitted to search engines, yadayadayada. The biggest problem most likely is that our YouTube channel is managed by the old site, and we’re going to be mildly upset if we lose our hard won 148 subscribers … but better now than later.

[UPDATE: The trick is, create a new brand account, add the old account as the owner, and about a week later the option appears to transfer ownership, with all subscribers but without comments. Eh, we’ll call that a win.]

So the TL;DR for you, Dear Reader is: If you feel like starting a blog, do it with a dot-com. You’re welcome.

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