Measuring Your Efforts

Finally we’re all set up and publishing our content from our new travel blog; now it’s time to get technical about promoting that content and measuring how our efforts perform!

These are areas in which we really have no current expertise at all right now; all of you Dear Readers who are pros at this blogging thing, we’d certainly appreciate tips on best practices, and we’ll keep this post updated as we actually learn what we’re doing.

But for now, we’re simply going with what appears to be the most widely supported choices since those’ll presumably be the easiest to get running smoothly, and optimize for better choices once we know enough to make an informed decision.

Google Analytics is definitely the default choice for analytics, so we’re set up with that, and for a plugin to manage from the blog we applied our metric of “what’s the least hated plugin with a useful looking free version downloadable from” and the winner looked like Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights:

The free version doesn’t do all that much, but there are paid tiers that look like they might be worth investing in once we have some idea what we’re doing here. If you have an opinion on a) whether the paid tiers are worth it or b) what other plugin and/or analytics service is so obviously superior we should be using that instead, be sure to let us know!

Turning to the SEO side of things, the WordPress and Jetpack combo is generally considered to be pretty good as is, but we can always use some extra help. And applying that same least-hated metric from above, plus it’s the plugin recommended by our hosting service Dreampress, we settled on Yoast SEO:


The free version provides some analysis and lets you submit sitemaps to various indexing services, and that’s enough for now; the Yoast folk sound knowledgeable and have paid tiers with what look like all the features we’re likely to be able to make use of in the foreeseeable future. But again, if you have contrary opinions, be sure to let us know!

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