Review: Make Money on Instagram as an Instagram Influencer

We’ve noticed something about making money as a travel influencer in the year and a bit since we started this blog, and that’s that most of the people making a living off of it seem to be doing so by …

… selling courses on how to make a living off it. Which made us just a trifle suspicious of how good the advice you’d get in those courses would actually be. Or to be more exact, just how much of it would be any more than you could figure out for yourself just by looking at what the successful people are doing, as we do in our weekly #travel #blog series!

So, when the opportunity presented itself to take this Udemy course in exchange for a review, we jumped right on that:

Make Money on Instagram as an Instagram Influencer
How to Grow and Monetize your Instagram in 2018 : Step by Step Guide to start Making Money from your Instagram account

Make Money on Instagram as an Instagram Influencer


Instagram is one of the most powerful Social Media platforms available so why not take advantage of that and make money with it?

In this course, we are going to explain  you the most efficient methods you can use to start your Instagram business and how to monetize your Instagram account as an Instagram Influencer.

We will guide you from the start with tips on how to grow your Instagram account and how to professionally optimize your profile. We will then explain all the ways we have personally used to make thousands of Euros on Instagram and tell you everything you need to know to start getting paid in no time.

We’ve packed everything we’ve learned about Instagram along the way into this course, including a proven system for approaching Instagram sponsors and companies to get partnerships and paid jobs including our automated system to send custom emails to thousands of brands per day.

This course is based on our personal experience and on what we have learned in the past years as Instagram Influencers. 


We have included an exclusive list with over 1500 Brands that work with influencers on a regular basis saving you hundreds of hours of research. 

We’ll also give you a baseline understanding of the most effective social media practices that are applicable on any platform and how to use them in your benefit.

Click the “take this course” button straight away at the top right of this page to unlock the power of making a living as an Instagram Influencer….

As on our Instagram account (follow us!) we’ve just hit the maximum follower count, so the cheap and easy #follow4follow tricks don’t work any more and we figured this course would be handy to give us some guidance on whether it would be worth any more effort.

Well, here’s our TL;DR:

  • Yes, there’s definitely opportunities here
  • But they’re not very easy opportunities, generally Instagram should be a minor part of an overall marketing strategy
  • And if you’re bound and determined, yes this course is worth it!

The first third or so of the course goes over basic organizational and branding skills, which are a bit elementary for us, but then we’ve been running our software development business for multiple decades now so we’ve kinda got that part down; those who aren’t of a naturally entreprenurial bent will no doubt find it useful.

Then, we get into the meat of exactly how to build a valuable to somebody Instagram account and demonstrate that value in such a fashion as to get paid for it, or at least get FREE STUFF! And, well, that takes a lot of work and an engaged audience across all your social media, not just Instagram. There’s a number of useful tips to be picked up here, but the main takeaway is that building that engaged audience takes a lot of time and effort.

And finally, the part that tipped us over to a 5-star review and our strong recommendation you take this course are the actional items they provide: 1500+ email brand contacts and sample approach emails and brand decks they’ve used to score FREE HOTELS! as their 55 Secrets brand…


p dir=”ltr”>… but it’s still not easy, to say the least, even with the various tips on targeting properties likely to be open to your proposals. There’s some excellent tips to help here, but it’s still going to be a lot of work.

So if that doesn’t put you off, and you’re willing to put that lot of work in, why yes this course is almost certainly going to give you enough guidance to be well worth the price we believe; follow our affiliate link and sign up today!

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