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And now that you’ve got your web turf all staked out — it’s time to create that brilliant content of yours the world doesn’t know yet it’s been waiting for … and let it know!

There’s no actual need for any investment here: assuming you took our advice to sign up with WordPress and Jetpack on a managed host like DreamPress, you can simply log in to your admin panel on the web, or download the WordPress iOS app and macOS app for free, and use Jetpack’s Publicize to share your posts automatically.

However, we recommend a couple extra products to make everything run smoother and more capably!

First up, for writing posts we recommend an offline editor to anyone on the go, and in particular we recommend what we are writing this in right now, the macOS app Blogo:

The things that decided us that using Blogo was a good idea:

Those are each pretty unusual in the blog writing helper world, and if there’s any other choice that covers all of those plus all the regular editing features you’d expect, we missed it completely.

There are others with more detailed site managment built into the app … but we don’t really see that as a big need, the WordPress dashboard is fine for that. We just want something as streamlined as possible that’ll run on and offline on every device we use to get our posts pumped out as efficiently as possible, and this is it!

Plus the bonus of mirroring on Medium with no extra effort, which is kinda a thing these days so why not.

For further spreading of the word with no extra effort, Jetpack’s Publicize referred to above has a variety of sharing options to configure — the ones we’re using it for initially are Google+ and Path and Tumblr, since we don’t think they’re probably worth a great deal of investment in customizing.

The services that are worth putting some effort into crafting your message we figure are Facebook and Twitter and just maybe Pinterest, and the service we’re using to take care of those with custom shortened links and so far is Buffer.com — social media managment is a hotly contested space, but Buffer seems to have a particularly elegant workflow and we’re always in favor of things being made as simple as possible. Just no simpler, hopefully.

Besides, Buffer’s free tier is enough to manage simple broadcast notifications of new posts here to those three services. And a service that lets me accomplish my immediate tasks easily for free has a vastly better chance of upselling me its paid plans when we eventually need them!


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