Top Influencer Marketing Platforms In 2019

Here’s another post for our Dear Travel Blogger Friends, and any of you other Dear Readers who fancy yourselves a go at this “influencer” thing: Business of Apps, one of the places we follow in our other life as an app developer put together this excellent guide to:

Top Influencer Marketing Platforms (2019)



With today’s extreme proliferation of social media, we see that among hundreds of millions users some get to be extremely popular, so popular that they can influence other people decisions what to try, purchase or subscribe to. At the same time, these days people don’t engage with brand ads as they used to or simply block it with AdBlock alike plugins in their browsers. So brands needed another way to reach out their potential clients and so the Influencer Marketing platforms emerged as the answer to tackle this problem…

So instead of throwing ads out willy nilly, which is working less all the time, you get the opportunity to demonstrate that your individual promotion efforts are worthwhile based on your social media audience. And if you’re providing them good entertainment, that’s a win all around, isn’t it?

If you think so, we encourage you to go read the full article with reviews — for here, we’ll just alphabetically link the companies mentioned in it directly as a backup resource:


p dir=”auto”>Whew! Quite the selection for just the “top” platforms, yes? And if you’d like more, or you’re reading this well after we published it, go check out their Influencer Marketing Companies directory!

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