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Did you know there’s a leaderboard for travel blogs? We didn’t until just now!

#travel1k Top 1000+ Travel Blogs
published by: Riseboarders

Around here we follow the aphorism ascribed to Pablo Picasso “Great Artists Steal,” in the Apple sense:

what he meant by ‘steal’ was you learn, as artists have, from past masters; you figure out what you like about it and what you want to incorporate into your idea, and you take it further and do something new with it.

and in our browsing around to find out if anyone else was addressing our mission to visit Every World Heritage Site (spoiler: not that we could find, which is why you’re reading this now) we’d noted that A Luxury Travel Blog seemed to have this travel blogging thing particularly well sussed and keeping tabs on them would probably be educational.

Well, looks like the Riseboarders algorithm matches up with our impressions:

#1 out of 1,000+ travel blogs!

I’m pleased to report that A Luxury Travel Blog has moved up two places on the Rise #travel1k Top 1000+ Travel Blogs to occupy the number one spot. Published by Rise Market Insight, the leaderboard ranks thousands of travel bloggers by scoring them on their social media influence. It is released on Wednesdays each week…

First off, congratulations to the ALTB crew on winning the Internet! For a definition of “travel blog, this week,” but hey that’s still something to be proud of amirite?

Second off … this leaderboard thing looks like an awesome way to have even more fun with this blogging thing, and get lots of good advice on how to go about it in the process, figure we’ll check in on these rankings every week! Now, how do we go about getting ourselves ranked? Ah, there it is on the right of the list:

50% of the score is derived from your Klout score and the balance of 50% is derived from your tweets, retweets and mentions with “travel” in them.  Needless to say, more points are given for retweets and mentions, as these messages indicate that your content is being appreciated by your audiences.

OK, so let’s set up a Klout profile … 27, to start out with. That’s not very good right? Probably not, since it’s much less than the 43 on the one we set up years ago for our programming, and have neglected since. Well, we should be able to improve quickly then! And start adding #travel to our tweets, that’s probably a good idea too. Check back weekly and we’ll see how we’re doing and visit the cool blogs at the top of the list!

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