6 Best Tibet Trekking Routes for 2019

Tibet is a beautiful country that, although it has a dry and cold climate, attracts many tourists. There is much to see in Tibet; from lakes with spectacularly clear water, ancient monasteries, Buddhist temples, breathtaking landscapes, and so many more beauties that can not be described with words.

The Tibetan plateau has an average altitude above 4,500 meters and is often referred to as the “Roof of the World” or “The Third Pole.”

Tibet is a paradise for trekking
: there are many routes, some with a shorter route and some of them longer, but all equally exciting. If you decide to go to Tibet trekking the itinerary includes visiting ancient monasteries, trying local food, and visiting some of the sacred lakes — you will surely have an unforgettable Tibet trekking adventure!

Ganden to Samye is still the most famous Tibet trekking route

The trekking route from Ganden to Samye is one of the most famous routes for Tibet trekking.

  • This route is closest to Lhasa and is one of the shortest routes.
  • This route usually includes visiting monasteries.

While you are in Lhasa to acclimatise, you will visit Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, and further along the route other monasteries.

The most convenient time for this trek is from May to October. Summer is the ideal time of year for Tibet trekking, so you can fully experience the mountains covered with greenery and cross the meadow scovered with amazing wildflowers.

Second most popular is the Everest Base Camp for Tibet trekking

Everest Base Camp is the second most popular trekking route. It is a little longer route, and a bit harder, because most of the time trekking you will walk on a plateau over 4300m which is a challengingly high elevation.

  • The best time to go on this Tibet trekking is from April to late October. Because of the high elevation and along with the summer you will have a fantastic view of the north face of Everest.

Most of the Tibet trekking routes starts from Lhasa. This route continues to Yamdrok Lake and crosses the Nam-La Pass at 5,300 meters above sea level which can be very hard to climb at such high elevation.

If you are adventurous and an adrenaline seeker this can be the best Tibet trekking route for you!

Mount Kailash Kora trekking route

Walking the Mount Kailash Kora
trekking route is one of the highest treks in Tibet as it crosses up to 5,630 meters. You need to be very well acclimatised before starting the trek on this route.

Mount Kailash has deep spiritual significance for four ancient religions: Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Bon and Jainism.

Trekking this route, you will meet pilgrims not only from Tibet but also from other places and religions.

  • The season of pilgrimage is from June to September, and what is interesting about this route is that you can encounter the Tibetan pilgrims who while travelling sang or praying, while the Hindus ride on horses.

Gama Valley Trekking route

Gamma Valley is one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the world. The whole region is extraordinarily unique and famous for its many wildflowers, but also for orchids and azaleas.
The Gama area is quite away from civilisation and therefore is less frequently traveled.

This trek route is quite tricky for trekking so if you decide to go on this route be sure to have a guide with experience.

However, it is a genuine trekking paradise; all the scenic views and unusual forests that you will see on the route will really delight you!

Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trekking route

According to most travelers the Tsurphu to Yangpachen is one of the easiest treks in Tibet.

  • On this trek you will cross alpine tundra, see beautiful mountain panoramas, and visit ancient monasteries, which makes this route quite exciting.

The trekking route is close to Lhasa, and for better acclimatisation, you can arrive in Lhasa three days before you start trekking.

This route usually starts from Tsurphu Monastery and continues across Leten Valley, then Bartso Valley, and finally will arrive at windswept Yangpachen Valley.

Tsurphu- Yangpachen Tibet trekking route is the best choice for those who want to meet Tibetan herders.

The Nyenchen Tanglha to Namtso Lake Trek

This trek starts in Damxung and the route will offer you vibrant landscapes and valleys and will take you to the divine Holy Lake Namtso.

When you cross the Kong La pass, you will arrive at Nyenchen Tanglha with its beautiful landscape all around.

  • Nyenchen Tanglha is one of the four holy mountains which are covered with snow all year long.

Then you will see the stunning view of Namtso Lake.

Things you should know before starting Tibet trekking

The Tibetan Plateau is at high altitude, and all Tibet trekking routes have high points. Before starting the trek, you need to acclimatise at least two days in Lhasa.

Why in Lhasa? Lhasa has an average altitude of 3,650 m. So that altitude is the best for your acclimatisation.

Take with you painkillers and pills for diarrhoea. The different climate can make you feel dizzy and sick.

Do not carry more than 10kg in your backpack. Some of the trek routes are difficult and include hiking so if you bring more than 10 kg on your back it will be more difficult for you to trek.

Bring your most comfortable shoes. The Tibet trekking is tempting, but if you do not have suitable shoes, it can ruin your whole journey.

Take with you plenty of sunscreen. Especially if you plan to trek in summer. Due to the height, the sun is stronger, and along with the dry wind can damage the skin on the face. Also, take a lip balm.

Final words

As I said before, Tibet is a trekking paradise. Choose the best route for you and enjoy the journey. Many of the tourists visit the monasteries and lakes and mountains with driving — but if you want to feel the real Tibet, you should go on a Tibet trek. You will be visiting the highest ecology areas, and you will be able to see scenery that can be seen only with trekking!

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