25 #travel Gifts Under $25

Ho ho ho! ’Tis the season and all that, and all that means running around trying to come up with clever gifts that won’t break the budget, doesn’t it? And particularly difficult for those travelling people, at least according to my family, amirite? Well, to help you out this Christmas —

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— here’s our list for you of 25 gifts under (ok, a few nearly under) $25 to stuff stockings with this year!

#1. Set of 8 Stainless Steel Straws

Where plastic straws aren’t outright banned, they’re increasingly seen as a symbol of waste and pollution, so what could be more 2018 than your own set of reusable stainless steel straws?

#2. Filtered Water Bottle With Compass

And speaking of plastic, we’re all trying to get rid of plastic bottles, and here is your hardcore hiker model; not only built in filtering, but a compass to boot — which can be handy in an unfamiliar city, not just the woods!

#3. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Everybody likes their tunes on the go, but most small speakers aren’t tough enough to stand up to traveling, never mind rain or a day at the beach. These claim to be shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof too!

#4. Magnetic Mini Tripod

If there’s anything that defines a traveller, it’s the quest for that perfect selfie — and here’s a tiny tripod that’s also magnetic, allowing for extra creativity in camera placement!

#5. Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask Headphones

OK, something that defines a traveller even more is “trying to get some rest on that redeye flight” and here’s just the thing to help with that — a sleeping mask with headphones to give you aural and optical comfort!

#6. Inflatable Neck Pillow

The other thing you need for a good rest on a plane is some neck support, and these look like a particularly comfortable as well as space-saving choice for that!

#7. Rain Poncho

It’ll always happen when travelling, you’ll get caught in the rain, and we definitely don’t want to be using disposable plastic, do we? Here’s a handy poncho that can also be used as a tarp or blanket and includes drying hooks as well — perfect for stuffing in your daypack!

#8. Money Belt/Running Belt

What screams “tourist” more than a fanny pack? Nothing, that’s what. Here is your stylish and sporting alternative for securely carrying your passport, phone, and so on.

#9. Coffee Press And Mug

If you’re into your coffee — as travelers tend to be! — you’ll find yourself gulping down scalding cups of bad hotel instant coffee before hurrying out the door … at least we always do, anyway. A proper stainless steel mug with built in press is just the way to avoid that morning ritual and set a properly relaxed tone for the day!

#10. Microfiber Towel

Even if you don’t stay at hostels, it’s always handy to have your own beach/camping/gym/etc. towel with you, and this looks like a particularly travel-suited one. In multiple bright colors too!

#11. Portable Clothes Washer

We love our Scrubba combination dry bag/portable clothes washer for those minimally packed trips, and here’s a version in this price range to check out!

#12. Selfie Ring Light

Face all shadowed in that otherwise perfect selfie? This is just the accessory to take care of that problem!

#13. Neck Pouch Wallet

There’s nothing better for rushing through airports than a neck pouch to keep your passport and boarding passes accessible and secure, and here’s a budget-friendly RFID-blocking version!

#14. Packing Cubes

Especially if you’re a backpacking type, packing cubes are invaluable; this set comes with a laundry bag too.

#15. Compression Socks

Want to have some fun with the “socks for Christmas” cliche? Compression socks actually do make long flights much more comfortable, not to mention safer by helping avoid DVT, and these are particularly festive:

#16. Gadgets Organizer Bag

Cords, earphones, memory cards; every traveller needs something to organize all the fiddly bits, and this one has a good selection of pockets and loops for that:

#17. World Map Print Luggage Protector

Want your luggage protected … or just not look like every other suitcase at the baggage claim? This Spandex world map cover will do that nicely:

#18. Scarf With Pocket

Scarves are a pretty good bet to be popular with the distaff side of your present list, and this one comes with a pocket to make it the most fashionable way there is to securely carry their passport, key card, and the like:

#19. Camera Lens Kit

If you know what kind of smartphone your gift recipient carries, compatible lens kits are always an appreciated gift, and this set claims compatability with many of the most popular models:

#20. Bluetooth Tile Tracker

The bane of travelers is losing your stuff, without a doubt; and here’s a Bluetooth tracker that’s small enough to loop onto a keychain, or anything else you don’t want to lose!

#21. Universal Power Adapter

Your frequent traveler definitely needs a universal plug adapter — and we figure this is the best we’ve seen yet, with not only four USB-A ports but a USB-C as well!

#22. Digital Luggage Scale

Airlines everywhere are tightening up on weight and size of luggage, especially carryons, so a scale is definitely a prudent travel accessory these days — and this one comes with a tape measure too, which is handy:

#23. First Aid Kit

We always travel with a small wilderness first aid kit with bandages, blister relief, bite relief, etc. and we thoroughly recommend you do too: this looks like a good half pound addition to any adventure!

#24. Metal-Free Belt Wallet

Always good to have some stashed cash, and even better to not have to take your belt off going through security; just the kind of belt every frequent flyer needs!

#25. Bamboo Utensil Set

We started this list out with reusable straws, so let’s finish it with another reusable straw — this one bamboo, and with cutlery and chopsticks to go with it too: just the thing for ecologically conscious picknicking!

There you go, our 25 picks for budget gifts this year — and by tapping those links to order, you’ll send us a Christmas present too from Amazon — so Merry Christmas (or whatever your Seasonal Celebration Of Choice happens to be) to you all!

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