Best Camera Apps: Halide, ProCam 5, Obscura 2

If you’re like almost everybody these days, your smartphone is your camera, and you’d probably like to take better looking pictures with it even if you’re not an aspiring travel blogger, amirite? Well, here’s an authoritative article on your upgrade options, and for you eager downloaders, here’s the top three:

And if you’d like to read the full reasoning, head over and check out

The Best Third-Party Camera App For iPhone

Best Camera Apps - Halide, ProCam 5, Obscura 2


Experimenting with new iPhone photography tools is something I do kind of a lot. One reason for that is that I take a lot of pictures — between my iPhone, my digital camera, and my film camera, I create around ten thousand pictures a year. That’s not a professional level of image creation, by any means, but it is a considerable number for an enthusiast.

Generally speaking, good photos can be captured with a camera’s automatic settings, but getting great photos typically requires photography tools with a lot more control. On an iPhone, that means choosing a camera app that allows an obsessive amount of manual control, and pairing it with an equally-controllable editing app. I’ve already written about Darkroom and other apps that allow you to fine-tune the photos you’ve already shot, so it’s about time I covered the actual creation of photos.

Plus, photography is something I enjoy. I think that will come across throughout this review.

With all of that in mind, let’s explore why Halide is the third-party camera app we recommend for most people…

Read it all … or if you’re in a hurry, just click those links above to check the App Store reviews, and here’s three more for the runners-up:

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