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So, Dear Readers, we fairly often go over tools and strategies to find cheap flights on your own, and on occasion we’ve mentioned services that purport to find cheap flights for you …

…but none of them have ever worked all that well. So far, anyways, but today we’ve got a service for you that we can personally attest is actually worthwhile:

Dollar Flight Club

We like to keep things simple. All we care about is finding you a great deal.

1. You Join DFC

Simply enter your email address and let us know your departure airports and we’ll do the rest.

2. We Search For Flights

Our superb flight finding team searches the web all day just for you. All we care about is finding you a great deal.

3. You Get Cheap Flight Deals

When we find a great deal, we send it directly to you via email and text so you can book it while it’s cheap.

4. You Travel the World

Our flights save members $500 on average so you can spend less and vacation more.

Sounds promising, yes? Well, we’ve been a Premium Member for three weeks now, signed up to get notified of flights out of BKK or DMK — let’s see how that’s actually worked out for us, shall we?

And why yes, yes indeed those have been some spectacular deals — and even more striking, none of those except the AirAsia deal to Jakarta did we hear about through any of the other channels we monitor, and that only because we follow AirAsia very closely indeed, they being by far the best LCC in Southeast Asia.

So if Dollar Flight Club finds flights out of Bangkok that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise … well, we feel pretty darn confident declaring that it’s going to work pretty well for you too!

At least, it will if you’re a Premium Member like us — follow our affiliate signup link and you’ll have the choice to be a free member or a $40/year Premium Member. The differences are:

  • Premium members get all the deals, while Free members only get 1/4th of them!
  • Select your departure airport(s). Free members can only select wider regions.
  • Always the first to know. Mistake fares go fast. Get alerts before Free members.
  • Text alerts direct to your cell phone so you never miss the flight you’ve been waiting for.
  • Get exclusive perks from our favorite partners.
  • You’ll only get ad-free flight emails that strictly focus on the flight.

Going by our three-week history above, that works out at breaking even if we take a flight to Europe that they find for us … once every seven years, 14 years if we take our partner with us. Which is a pretty solid value proposition, indeed.

So we thoroughly encourage you to head over and sign up!

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