Cheap Flights: Matt’s Flights Review

And as the holiday season progresses, it’s time to start thinking about where we’re all heading next year, Dear Readers! And today, we have another entry in the crowded realm of cheap flight finders to bring to your attention for comparing to our past top recommendation, Dollar Flight Club:

Matt’s Flights

Airlines make mistakes all the time and accidentally undercharge for flights to some of the most exotic and amazing locations like Italy, France, Bali, Iceland etc. (Domestic destinations too!)

When I find a great deal I email you these fares based upon your preferred departing location(s)!

For travel to and from anywhere in the world, Matt’s Premium Service offers you 24/7 access to me via email. Just let me know your preferences and I’ll quickly email you back with the best price possible for your dream vacation.

That’s it, no strings attached, no spam, no nonsense. Just a good old fashioned newsletter containing super awesome flight deals and 1-on-1 flight support. Leave the flight search headaches to me so you can sit back, relax and travel the world!

Well, Matt definitely wins for having the most personalized service out there, doesn’t he now? He also runs a solid looking blog, check out the latest post

How to Find Cheap Flights: The Complete Guide to Traveling for a fraction of the cost

Which is pretty much the same recommendations we’d make heading into 2020.

So, how are the deails, then? Well, as we’re sadly accustomed to by now with these flight deal finders, they focus on the US and its neighborhood, apparently the Bangkok expat market just isn’t there. Ah well, we told Matt share us your Canada deals then, let’s see if the parents might want to sign up —

— and why yes, within a week this quite unusually good deal appeared:

Can confirm, if you’d been planning on a Hawai’i trip this spring, that deal would pay your Matt’s premium subscription for like a decade. (The next one. Not the one that finishes in three days.)

Speaking of that premium subscription, you can sign up for that with a 14-day free trial, and then $59.99 a year after that. Fairly standard as these services go, but with the extra personalized search we’d say that makes Matt’s a top contender for the likeliest to be a bargain out there.

So as usual, we definitely recommend you sign up for the free tier, more the merrier and all, and if you are thinking of subscribing to one of these services this is a solid contender to put on the free trial comparison list; but if you do have a specific vacation in mind, the personalized service is worth putting this one right at the top to consider signing up for!

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