Christmas 2019’s 25 #travel Gifts Under $25

Another Christmas coming up, and time to start wondering what to get for all your traveler friends — or suggest to your non-traveler friends what appreciated and useful presents would be! So here’s our annual roundup of things that caught our eye as good ideas for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa exchanges, or just as a treat for yourself:

#1. RFID Protected Neck Wallet And Passport Holder

We thoroughly recommend a neck wallet as the best way to not have your passport stolen, so if your gift recipient doesn’t have one that is an excellent first choice for a gift, and this one with RFID protection on all 5 pockets and two ReturnMe stickers to boot looks like a particularly excellent choice!

#2. PRESSE by Bobble French Coffee Press

One thing that’s a pretty good bet about travelers, they like — more likely, require — their morning coffee. And this is the first triple-insulated tumbler with French press we’ve found that comes in under $25, a great present for anyone who appreciates their hot beverages!

#3. Digital Luggage Scale & Portable Charger & LED Flashlight

A digital luggage scale is mighty handy for avoiding those surprise overweight charges at checkin … and a power bank is always handy … and a bright flashlight is often pretty handy too … so how about a gift that’s all three? Yes, we’d certainly appreciate one of those, and we pretty much guarantee any other traveler will too!

#4. USB-C Universal Travel Adapter

A fast charging universal plug is a must for traveling, and one with four USB ports is even better, and one with a Type-C port is best of all for those with modern equipment; and this particular one we’re linking to, far as we can tell, is exactly the same besides the label as the Skymall-branded one we currently use, except we paid twice as much for it in Dubai airport. So it has our personal recommendation then!


#5. 8-Piece Packing Cube Organizers

Packing cubes are a must have for keeping your clothes clean and organized, and this set of 5 plus laundry, shoe, and underwear bags for 20 bucks is an impressively economical choice!

#6. 10-Pack Space Saver Compression Bags

And even more appreciated than organized clothes in your pack is smaller clothes in your pack, and this set of rollups is a great way to do that without messing with pumps!

#7. Travel Garment Steamer

One thing about all that packing and compression though … your clothes are likely to come out on the wrinkled side. Should one wish to look unrumpled at their destination, a portable steamer is mighty handy, and this one is super light as steamers go (540g) and comes with a travel pouch!

#8. 2 Person Camping Hammock

Have a pair of outdoorsy types to get a present for? They’re likely to find a lightweight hammock nice to have on those camping trips … and although we haven’t tried this ourselves, we have heard stories about stringing these up for a comfortable overnighter in the airport!

#9. Inflatable Air Mattress

Another good outdoorsy, or just for the beach, is a comfy sleeping pad, and this one weighs just over a pound. And definitely a delight to have on hand for those airport overnighters, or anywhere comfy recliners are in short supply!

#10. 200 Piece First Aid Kit

We always carry a mini first aid kit on even our shortest trips and recommend you do too — and here is one that looks admirably comprehensive for a serious hike and includes a detachable pouch for your daypack!

#11. Carry On Cocktail Kit

And if you have someone who’s the opposite of an outdoorsy type, or just likes to get their party started early — how about a mix kit to turn those little airline liquor bottles into a proper margarita, Bloody Mary, or a variety of other cocktails? Mind you, we do not actually recommend drinking a lot on your plane trips, but if you are planning on drinking, hey why not do it with some style?

#12. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

And speaking of doing it with some style, what’s a pool party/beach party/camping trip without making sure everybody in six watts of earshot knows how good your taste in music is? Well, this IP67 rated speaker

#13. Security-friendly Belt Wallet

A belt you don’t have to take off going through security is always handy, and one that keeps some emergency cash handy is even better; Pacsafe is the brand we use and we recommend it to you too!

#14. Selfie Light Up Phone Case

One thing about traveling in the moment, doesn’t it always seem that there isn’t the right light for your selfies and Facetiming? This line of front and back flashlight phone cases will make sure you’re never left in the dark again!

#15. Smartphone Lens, Tripod, And Remote Kit

Speaking of selfies, if your giftee is serious about their selfies, here is a remarkably complete accessory kit with a wide variety of lenses, a tripod, and remote — everything they need for the Insta!

#16. Zipper Pocket Scarf

It’s always a pretty safe choice to pick a colourful scarf as a present for a lady, and a model like this with a pocket for safely keeping phone, passport and so forth is both stylish and security conscious!

#17. Leather Cord Keepers

For an extra-budget stocking stuffer that’ll still be appreciated, hard to beat a set of cord keepers — keeping one’s cables organized is always a hassle when traveling and these’ll sort that out nicely!

#18. Solid Colognes Travel Set

Whilst personally a bottle of cologne is pretty much the first thing to fail to make the cut when we’re cutting down our pack weight, it has on ocassion been mentioned that perhaps our travel companions would prefer us to have an aroma somewhat less redolent of last week’s poorly washed out sweat. Should you be in that situation, here’s a gift for you to give — four travel size samplers of solid cologne, no more excuses about weight, fragility, or security checkpoints!

#19. Separated Hammock Footrest

While we personally just suck it up and suffer during those long flights, there are a lot — the majority, we suspect — that would prefer to be comfortable, not to mention reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis. So if your traveler would like their flights to be at least slightly less miserable, this is the best hanging footrest we’ve seen!

#20. Colourful Compression Socks

Continuing on from that last item for being comfortable and avoiding deep vein thrombosis, compression socks are a well established protection against that — as well as athletics and standing jobs; and these are a particularly bright example of the type for that extra holiday feeling!

#21. Travel Blanket Kit with Mask and Earplugs

For that extra little bit of being comfortable, this is a travel blanket that comes with a case to repurpose it as a pillow or lumbar support, as well as a mask and earplugs — a guaranteed win of a present for anyone who travels on lowcost airlines that don’t provide blankets and pillows, for sure!

#22. Bluetooth Eye Mask With Headphones

If the basic mask and earplugs in that last blanket kit don’t quite cut it for you, how about a premium breathable mask with headphones to really provide that deep relaxing sleep? This looks like a pretty nice one at a reasonable price!

#23. Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

And to finish off our selection of long flight comfort items, a memory foam pillow is an excellent upgrade from the standard headrest for fitting into whatever space you need support in, and this one has a washable cover and particularly good ratings, check it out!

#24. 8 Ribs Travel Umbrella

We always carry a mini umbrella for those sudden rainstorms, and this is definitely the best we’ve seen for only 10 ounces of weight, 8 ribs and a 38” canopy — an excellent present for traveling anywhere there’s sun, rain, or wind, which doesn’t leave out pretty much anywhere!

# 25. Public Toilet and Restroom Survival Kit

And finally, if you’ve got a Dirty Santa exchange, or your recipient is up for a bit of toilet-tinged humour with their gift — this collection of wipes, covers and towels is an extremely handy (heh) resource for those emergency relief needs!


p dir=”ltr”>So there you go, our 2019 holiday gift suggestions — click on through on our affiliate links there to give us a little present via Amazon too, and have a most excellent holiday season with all your loved ones!

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