Custom Travel Tees – Wear Your Journey

Here’s a Christmas present idea for your favorite world traveler they’re sure to love —

— at least we would, if we were your favorite —

— a custom T-shirt with the places they’ve visited!

Just head over to

Custom Travel Tees


Forget boring old travel prints, you’re looking for something unique to remember your latest vacation. Travel Tees – a custom designed t-shirt that maps out your latest holiday or all your worldly adventures on a tee. Wear your journey in style and comfort and share your adventure…

Five different design styles and you can pick pieces of the world or the whole world for each, then you pick up to 60 cities to be highlighted on the map, and there’s your custom brag shirt. Is that an awesome idea, or what?!?

Personally, we’re going to order the Typeface Traveller full world style, this map of words has that certain trollish quirkiness to it we figure:

Typeface Traveler

… but if anyone reading this is really struggling to come up with a present we’d appreciate this Christmas, that still leaves four other styles you can order!


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