Dollar Flight Club Now For Business & First!

Remember a little while back we mentioned Cheap Flights: Dollar Flight Club as a cheap flights searcher we definitely recommended you sign up with our affiliate link as a free member, and encouraged you to seriously consider the premium option?

Well, they have an expanded offering now, the first flight club program we’ve ever seen that focuses on above Economy classes:

Dollar Flight Club Launches Business And First Class Deals


Dollar Flight Club, the popular daily flight deals service, announced today that they will now be serving the Business and First-Class markets in addition to Economy class…

Users can access their new Business and First-Class flight deals via a “Premium Plus+” membership to Dollar Flight Club. The membership costs $99/year and includes: 

  • Business & First-Class flight deals of up to 60% off normal rates
  • Email and mobile notifications of those deals
  • Discounted access ​to ​Mobile Passport Plus+​, which is a service that allows passengers to save time during re-entry at U.S. airports
  • All ​current “Premium Membership”​ features

So if you’re in a position to treat yourself should the right deal come along — now you have a way to easily keep abreast of those good deals! And we can definitely attest that it would be the best service of its kind …

… seeing as how, y’know, it’s the only service of its kind!


p dir=”ltr”>So if that’s just what you’ve always been waiting for, head over and sign up — and in any case, if you’re not at least a free member already, head on over anyways, no downside to free!

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