Elevate: A New WordPress SEO Plugin

Haven’t talked about website gear for a while, so let’s fix that today! In particular, a new site we’re setting up and this site here both, and for all of your sites as well no doubt, the biggest thing on your mind is Search Engine Optimization so that people can find you without having to pull in each and every visitor personally, amirite? So, let’s talk SEO!

The standard SEO plugin for WordPress sites is Yoast, and we paid for a year of it which expired a couple weeks back … but immediately apparent evidence that the cost is worth anything, well, hasn’t been striking. And it just so happens that Duane Storey, one of our old co-workers who moved into the WordPress plugin writing world with some striking successes has now turned his attention to the WordPress SEO space, so we’re going to give that a try today!

Elevate: The Powerful SEO and performance monitoring plugin


Automatic configuration of essential web services
Creation and submission of a Google XML sitemap to Google
Real-time visualization of your site visitors and search traffic
Writing feedback to help you write SEO-friendly content
Automatically adds images and descriptions when shared on social media
Easily edit SEO title information for each post
Quickly identify and fix 404 (page not found) errors
Real-time preview of how your content will look when shared

Elevate also talks directly with Google and shows useful performance metrics for mobile and desktop versions of your website, directly on the Elevate dashboard. You will be able to monitor, in real-time, just how fast your website is, how many visitors you received, how many people found your website via search, and more.

As you make changes to your website and create new content, you’ll be able to easily monitor how this effects traffic and search results…

Looks good, and the price is certainly right, isn’t it? So, let’s try setting it up on our new website first. Easily installed version 1.1.5 from WordPress.org by clicking ‘Add Plugin’ on the Plugins page and searching for “elevate,” and when we activate it we get an “Elevate SEO” menu entry that brings us to the setup wizard screen:

The 12 steps after the intro are

Basics: Site language
Site Name: Your primary brand
Search Title: Indexing title used by search engines
Search Description: The services/products of your website
Sharing Image: Default image for sharing content on social media
Take A Look: Shows the previous settings as displayed in search engines
Configure Twitter: For tagging shared content with your username
Google Search Console: performs sitemapping and verification and adds analytics code
Configure Bing: Information on how to set up sitemaps and authentication in Bing
Hosting: Configures for browser caching and compression

and … that’s it? My, that was a much quicker setup of a new site than any we’ve done before!

The new site is running WordPress 5.0, but we’re not quite brave enough to update this site to it until 5.1 or so, or at least until all the plugins we’re using claim full 5.0 compatibility, and it’s already set up with most things, we think. So let’s deactivate Yoast here, and see what happens when we install Elevate…

… and it found all the existing configuration and updated without any apparent issue, but you’ll know for sure there weren’t any if you’re reading this!

Here’s a couple more articles from Duane about this new plugin:

Elevate: The newest search engine optimization and performance enhancement plugin for WordPress

How To Increase The Search Ranking of Your WordPress Website


p dir=”ltr”>Check out the rest of the Elevate blog too, interesting tips there even if you aren’t inclined to try out Elevate right away — but we thoroughly recommend you do!

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