Fishing Gear And Tackle Comparisons

Fishing is one activity with some of the most widely different variations you will find out there. There is the commercial type, the sporting type, the individual type and so on. You can find different types and approaches or methods in this article here.

For every method or technique out there, there are special gear and equipment used. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the different types of gear and tackle that are used for different types of fishing. We will try to look at how each one works and in which method they can be used.

Examples of Fishing Gear

For the purpose of this article, we shall classify tackles as part of fishing gear (which they are). “Tackle” is usually how most equipment used by anglers are described. Since angling is one method used in catching fish, we shall discuss all of the different equipment that fall under this category with the rest of the different gear used in the different fishing methods we shall consider.

So let’s look at a couple of gear. We shall look at them in groups based on their similarities. This will help us cover more ground.


There are different types of nets and different ways in which they are used for fishing. They can either be fixed in such a way that fishes swim into them and then cannot get out or they can be pulled across a section of the water, gathering any fish within that perimeter.

Large shipping trawlers are known to use this method. They could use the type of net known as trawl nets. These are pulled either along the ocean bed or simply midway to capture certain species of fish.

Other types of nets used in various other situations include: dredges, purse seines, beach seines, cast nets and gillnets.


This is another gear group that is employed in fishing. These are usually set and left, allowing the target fish or marine life to get caught in them. You will usually find traps used for catching lobsters, crabs, shrimps and the likes.

Hooks and Lines

These are probably the most commonly known group of fishing gear. This is where the term “tackle” is prominent. Hooks and lines by anglers and troll fishing. It involves baiting fishes by attaching a bait to a hook and letting it into the water. When the fish tried to eat the bait, the hook hidden within the bait snags it.

There are a number of items that make up the equipment or tackle used for this kind of fishing. These include: rods, reels, lines, hooks, lures, baits, bobbers and others. All of these are stored in a tackle box. You can get a more comprehensive list of items you will find in a tackle box on Profishinggearreviews Website.

Grappling Tools

Grappling tools refer to gear used for targeting individual fishes. These are usually hand held and used to strike at the target fish. Examples include: harpoons, arrows and spears. These kinds of tools are usually employed for catching certain kinds of fish. A good example of a type of fish that some folks catch this way is swordfish.


This is not something that many people will immediately think of as a fishing equipment. However when you think of it, you will find that it actually does qualify. You can’t perform some kind of fishing without the appropriate water transportation.

There are many different types ranging from those used for massive commercial fishing expeditions to those used for recreation exercises. Some examples include trawlers, barges, speed boats, kayaks and dinghies.

These different vessels mentioned above and those not mentioned are used based on the type of fishing method being employed.


Modern day fishing is done with the help of certain electronic devices. This applies to commercial, personal or recreational methods. In each case, they provide increased ease and efficiency to the operation. Here are a few examples:

Fish Finder
As the name implies, a fish finder is used to locate the specific position of a school of fish. This totally eliminates guess work or the constant reliance on luck. It helps the fishermen and women search for and locate the exact position of their prospective catch before launching their gear of choice to gather the catch.

To say that this has made like a whole lot easier for folks in this business will be putting it very lightly.

This is another important device. While it can help with general navigation, it can also help locate specific positions on the open sea. If for example you noticed on your last expedition that there was a large haul of a specific species of fish in a location and you want to return to that exact location to continue from where you stopped the last time, having a GPS can make it very simple a task. This is another device that has increased the efficiency of folks in this industry.


In every profession or endeavor, using the right tools makes everything easier, increases efficiency and by implication leads to better results. The exact same thing is applicable here.

We have enumerated a couple of equipment that are used for various kinds and methods of fishing. It’s now up to you (especially if you are a newbie) to decide which you want to try first. Once you make your decision, go right ahead to get the gear you need and get started on this wonderfully exhilarating activity.

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