Gamevice for DJI Spark

Here’s the perfect Christmas present for anyone with a DJI Spark drone, or a Sphero SPRK+ robot:

Gamevice Puts Gadgeteers in Full Control of the Holiday’s Hottest Tech

Gamevice for DJI Spark


Gamevice, the makers of the zero latency and direct connected controller, announced today that it will provide full support to Spark, an easy-to-use, fun-to-fly mini camera drone from DJI, the leading drone and flying camera creators. The Gamevice controller gives Spark users the added benefit of improved precision, control, and ergonomics when flying the drone using their smartphone. Gamevice is an approved Apple MFi partner with direct Lightning support…

Not that we’re speaking from experience yet, mind you, but it doesn’t take long controlling your Spark with the stock app to realize that “improved precision, control, and ergonomics” would be of great benefit indeed.

So we’re going to be ordering one just as soon as we post this, and we’ll update later with a review. In the meantime, you can just go ahead and assume that any Spark-flying person would consider this the perfectly thoughtful Christmas gift, no matter whether it does actually work or not.

Or, if you have one of these robot things, sounds like it’s good for that too:

Gamevice also supports the SPRK+ robot from Sphero, adding a new layer of connectivity between consumers and their robots. With precision controls, improved ease of use, and comfortable design, Gamevice ensures that when SPRK+ users are struck with creativity, it’s easier than ever to bring their ideas to life.

And, of course, there’s always the option of using it for what it was originally designed for, playing games:

The preferred controller of gamers everywhere, Gamevice creates a console experience on mobile devices to more than 1,000 video games including Street Fighter IVMinecraft and NBA 2K18

Quite the multitalent, indeed:

More than just a controller, Gamevice is an entertainment hub that transcends the boundaries of play, bringing video games, drones and toy control to one device.

OK, that might be stretching the definition of “entertainment hub” a little, but definitely a good Christmas present idea, yep. Click our affiliate links here and make our Christmas merry!

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