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As the clock ticks down to leaving for our Persian Gulf trip this weekend, we’ve been scouring all the usual package tour sites for good deals to be found, particularly in Dubai where we’re planning to stay four days as by all accounts that place is somewhat of a spectacle

— and we’ve found a new booking site that we heartily recommend for your first stop when planning your tours: Goranga.com!

“And what makes them different from any other,” you ask? Well, check this out:

Goranga.com is an online travel platform which was launched in January 2019 – a marketplace for the global travelers to  book attractions tickets, tours & things to do directly from the authentic local suppliers. The company was established with a feel of creating memorable experiences for the travelers rather than just booking in trips & visiting a destination. The idea is to feel a destination like locals do, know what exactly needs to be known, see what is worth seeing & more. One of the most interesting facts about Goranga.com’s platform is that platform user will never find two similar tours offering the same experience in a specific destination…

… After a careful scrutinization & deep research, the best few tours & attraction tickets are selected for which the prices are reasonable & tour operator’s service has been verified & approved by fellow travelers. Only then the tour operators are credited as Goranga.com’s trusted Travel Partner in their destination of expertise…

And we can, in fact, give you our personal assurance they actually mean this — we first stumbled across Goranga while looking for places to expand our partner’s bespoke Bangkok tour online listings, and why yes the supplier requirements are just as described there.

Which solves, as we see it, the biggest problem with the big booking platforms — and we say this as a supplier ourselves you may recall — anything that’s actually popular immediately spawns a host of imitators, splitting the market and inviting review gaming and so forth. Competition is almost always good for products that you can objectively measure quality of before purchase …

… but when it comes to experiences that can’t be objectively evaluated before purchase except by who-knows-how-trustworthy reviews, that’s rather a different story, isn’t it?

And as the point of this whole travel thing, the way we see it, is to accumulate experiences instead of objects, the idea of a tour booking platform that curates singular experiences like Goranga does strikes us as a fantastic one — we are now starting our tour research at their site every time to at least establish what meets their baseline quality standards, and thoroughly recommend you do too!

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