Heroic Social: Grow Your Tweeps

All of us are out there trying to grow our army of Twitter followers, right? We’ve noticed as our following’s been growing this last few weeks —

What, you don’t follow @everywhs yet? Here, go do that now!

— that it’s taking an unreasonable amount of time to manage them through the official Twitter app and Tweetbot the best third party client around with a desktop version; so we decided to go looking for something to help us keep track of our new followers and all.

And what we decided on was: Heroic Social!

Heroic Social

What is Heroic Social?

Heroic Social is a 3rd party Twitter application that helps you manage your Twitter account with tools such as following back your followers, tracking unfollowers, viewing recent followers and unfollowers, copying the followers of other accounts, following people who are most likely to follow back, welcoming new followers with tweets and direct messages (opt-in only), and helping to promote and grow your account.

Why should I use this service over the others?

Our service provides more features than many other services, especially when comparing the free versions, and we think our interface happens to be exceptional. We’re adding features every week making it easier and faster for you to manage your Twitter account.

How much does this cost?

We have a VERY functional free plan that is supported by ads. So you’re more than welcome to try out the free plan as long as you’d like. If you’d like more benefits and features, we have plans ranging from $9 to $49 per month to take you to the next level…

We’ll vouch for the “think our interface happens to be exceptional” part there, didn’t see any of the other Twitter helping type tools that were anywhere near as clean as it is!

As for the actual functionality, well we haven’t been actually working on growing a Twitter following long enough to really know what we’re doing here, but it seems at least as good as anybody else far as we can tell.

The free tier seems enough for people who aren’t trying all that hard, but if you pay the monthly subscription you get extra filtering and stuff which seems worth trying out for a month or two at least, so we signed up for the “Pro” version; the day after that as we type this we have … 1897 followers,

(Yes, yes, stop laughing all you pros. We won’t be n00bs for long.)

so we’ll check in again a month or so and we’ll see what the follower count is then!

And if you’d like to check it out yourself in the meantime, do us a solid and follow our affiliate link to help subsidize our tweep recruitment, thank you very much!

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