Heroic Social: Twitter Growth + $3,098 FREE STUFF

Remember a while back we mentioned that we were going to get serious about growing our Twitter following and had settled on Heroic Social to help?


Well, today is the last day for this promo they’ve been running:

Now You Can Get $3,098 Worth Of Bonuses For Trying The Heroic Social Silver Twitter Plan For 50% Off

Right now, we are offering a 50% discount on our Silver Twitter plan that will help you grow followers on Twitter and create new opportunity.

And if the 50% lifetime savings isn’t enough, we’re also throwing in Four Free Bonuses Worth $3,098!

  • Bonus #1: Training on the two ways you can grow revenue + a done for you campaign to leverage both ways to grow your income no matter whether you’re at. 
    $2,750 Value
  • Bonus #2: Training on how to find your purpose 
    Priceless Value
  • Bonus #3: Training on how to get media coverage using surveys + brainstorm on how you can pull it off. 
    Priceless Value
  • Bonus #4: Lifetime license to Early Parrot viral platform where you can replicate successful viral campaigns that made companies like Dropbox and Airbnb explode. 
    $348/year Value

OK, there’s just a little hype there — although this Early Parrot thing does look very interesting! — but we really, seriously, do recommend you follow one of these affiliate links to sign up for Heroic Social if you’re interested in growing your tweeps, and 50% off is a good price.

“And why would you recommend it” you ask? Why, we’re so glad you asked. Here, take a look at the growth of our Twitter account over the last two months:

Every single one of those 6176 new followers is 100% organic, and the vast majority of them were identified with the help of Heroic Social. So whilst we can’t promise that you’ll get two and a half orders of magnitude growth in two months on the plan…

… well, we did!

So yep, if more Twitter followers for a few bucks a month sounds like a good plan to you, today would be an excellent time to sign up with Heroic Social!



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