Inflighto: In-Flight Tracking App

Now here’s an app that looks like a massive upgrade from your seatback live map for finding out what you’re flying over, and all sorts of other goodies besides:

Inflighto | Flight Tracker

The Inflight Entertainment moving-map & Flight-tracker Designed by Pilots

Inflighto: In-Flight Tracking App


Have you ever been on a flight and wanted to know where you were, more about what you were flying over, what time you’ll arrive or what the weather is like on your flight path? If you have, the Inflighto inflight entertainment app is designed for you…

Designed by pilots for passengers on airlines with internet-connected inflight Wi-Fi, Inflighto features live weather radar, marine-tracking and in-flight chat. It enhances your flying experience and helps you discover more of the world as you fly. 

Inflighto lets you share your aircraft’s position from the air. Check-in with your social network mid-flight so friends and family can track your flight live.

Inflighto uses ADSB – the most accurate flight-tracking technology available. It tracks all airline flights globally.


  • Highly accurate flight-tracking technology and detailed moving maps
  • Detailed information about the points of interest, landmarks and events on your flight-path
  • Live marine tracking – including detailed information about the marine vessels on your flight-path
  • Live weather radar and satellite images
  • In-flight chat. A messaging service dedicated to your flight for use by passengers, pilots and crew
  • Detailed flight data. Access your aeroplane’s altitude, ground speed, vertical speed, position and heading as you fly
  • Flight schedule – accurate arrival time and gate number
  • Flight sharing – ‘check-in’ with your social network in the air and let friends and family follow your flight
  • Inflighto tracks all airline flights globally.


p dir=”ltr”>Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Check out more about it at their website — or just go download it now for your next flight like we are!


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