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We’re always looking for better ways to manage our trip planning around here, and while TripIt Pro is far as we’re concerned the method of choice for managing travel and hotel reservation plans, it’s not exactly tuned for managing sightseeing, and it’s definitely not tuned for planning sightseeing.

In particular, since we share our place on Airbnb and all, we’ve noticed that guests often show up without any particularly defined visit plans … so putting together some itineraries for them to review would be a service worth providing —

— plus of course planning our own trips!

So this last week, we’ve been trying out a service aimed at exactly that market of providing tour itineraries, which you might consider taking a look at for your own travel as well:



Save time. Impress clients.

Introducing the simple way to send beautiful itineraries and quotes.

Fast, fun, and easy.

Add activities, accommodations, flights, transportation, and cruises. Set times, add notes, fill out details to your heart’s content.

Beautiful on screen and paper.

Present the trip via a mobile-friendly link or our unbranded Trip Plans App for iPhone and Android. Export a gorgeous PDF for those clients that love seeing the trip on paper.

The thing that convinced us to try it out was this review over at One Mile At A Time,

My New Favorite Trip Planning Tool

And after putting together a week’s worth of travel plans for our latest guests, our conclusions are: yes, this is the best tool out there for planning a shared custom itinerary —

— and not only that, it has a nice-looking API for custom tools, and even white label web and app options!

So if you are a travel planning professional, this is a compelling service indeed.

There’s a free Travefy Personal option as well as a variety of paid plans starting at $13 a month; right now we’re still on the free Pro trial so we’re not 100% sure what features are missing from that, but we’ve seen enough that we wholeheartedly recommend checking this out as an addition to your travel tool arsenal.


p dir=”ltr”>Mind you, the travel tool we really want is one that doesn’t actually make a confirmed itinerary for you — it just tracks things you want to get to and lets you navigate on the fly: “The Ultimate Roadtrip App!” Looking more and more like we’re going to have to write that one ourselves though…



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