Kayak’s 2018 Flight Hacker Guide

Here’s another entry in the travel hacking category to put on your list with Kiwi’s NOMAD and AirWander and the various other tools we find to help you out with:

Kayak’s 2018 Flight Hacker Guide

Kayak's 2018 Flight Hacker Guide


The top-rated airlines and flight hacks of 2018

This is your guide to finding the right flight for your next trip. Wondering which airline offers the best amenities or how prices are trending for your next destination? We’ve crunched the numbers to bring you what you need to know about booking a flight. See the top-rated airlines, how to use Hacker Fares, where you should plan a stopover and more. So you can be confident that the next flight you book is the right one.

If you’ve been following us for a while most of the tips here won’t be terribly surprising, but they’re always worth a read in case there’s something you’ve overlooked; and there is one particular feature that’s displayed here more conveniently than anywhere else we’ve seen: a graph of monthly price fluctuations on tickets between any city pair.

Let’s check that one out: we need to pop back to Canada at some point between February and August next year, so let’s plug in YVR and BKK and see what it shows:

Kayak's 2018 Flight Hacker Guide BKK-YVR

That’s a useful benchmark to have, isn’t it now? Let’s see how it holds up against some price checks here to see what the cheapest on offer BKK-YVR return is for May 1-15 on some popular sites:

Kayak itself — $660
Momondo — $637
Hipmunk.com — $633
Skyskanner.com — $637
Kiwi — $653


p dir=”ltr”>And those prices are about the same because they’re all the same flight on China Eastern … which is 71 hours total flight time. Which means, of course, that this is an excellent itinerary to work some stopovers into!

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