Lifetrons Ultra Power Pro 4-USB #travel Adapter

Here’s a nifty piece of gear for you: Finding it annoying to keep up with charging your iPhone, iPad, drone, and power bank as you travel? Yep, us too.

Well, we found this in AirAsia’s duty free catalog on the way to Penang, and it comprehensively solves that problem:

Yes, that’s four USB sockets. iPhone, iPad, drone, power bank, all good yep!

Interesting thing is, note at the bottom there where it says

This product can only be bought in duty free ground shops or on airlines.

Apparently they really mean that, this model seriously isn’t available on teh interwebz anywhere at all we can find except for a couple airline storefronts like this one at Singapore Airlines.

Pity, since this is by far the best of any of the universal adapters kind of thing we’ve ever tried; the Skross ones are pretty good, but they’re not up to this one.

So when you’re flying around, keep an eye out for this, it’s the travel adapter that currently holds the coveted Every World Heritage Site Official Stamp Of Approval™.

But if you need one today … well here’s a selection of some you can order from home that look like they might be worth a try!

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